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  1. B>Slicer of Vengeance 

  2. I just remembered my 2 year anniversary on this server passed. Lol. Unfortunately I wasn't active during that time. I wanted to hunt STA D: How much dts are STA going for?

    1. Lemon


      Last I heard it was something stupid like 300-350.

    2. tru


      I figured. Thanks :)

  3. It's good to see you back man
  4. B>type gu> mechgun

  5. Master Sword Whitill Shambertin
  6. I'm taking a break from this game and therefore won't be participating in this event. Thank you for the event.
  7. I'm taking a break from this game. I'm excited to explore my other hobbies. If you PM me I probably won't respond. Maybe someday more people will see the "PRO" team for how they really are.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Fyrewolf5


      Shame to see you go man, you are a cool guy and fun to play with, I have nothing against you personally. Enjoy your other hobbies man, hope you come back to visit sometime. I'd appreciate if you'd leave the several dozen people that have nothing to do with anything out of it though.

    3. leezy


      i just drop $30k on my drift tires,,,,and im still short,,,dam

    4. Lemon


      We didn't end up playing together much (I think just the pfg event thing) but know that you'll always have a friend in me.

  8. Looki knows all about massive fluffy happy time c:
  9. Happy birthday Malxerz! c:

  10. Here's the entry Shoutgu and I did. The first phase of Vol Opt went really poorly because I messed up but w/e. We got through it >.> GCs tru1 42144568 Shoutgu 42124110 Time 16'28 Love degree 67%
  11. I don't think a monthly charge would be good for this server because there's a lot of people who occasionally become inactive for a month or so. I've done that before, then I wouldn't feel like I'm getting anything for the monthly service. I would cancel and then I wouldn't have the incentive to start paying again. What got me back into the game was trying it out again after a month. I didn't know if I was gonna enjoy it after a month break or not, but I did. In addition, there are people who have been on this server for 3+ years who just log in occasionally and they surely wouldn't continue paying for 3 years straight. In additon, there are other servers who don't charge nor give donation incentives. I do see what you're saying though.
  12. I agree. Since dts are tradeable you can pretty much buy any item in the game with any stats you want. If you're willing to pay that much. Dts shouldn't be infinitely powerful like that. I think it would be better if they weren't tradable, and the donation list was adjusted so the prices made since and maybe they could add a few more things on there for people who are too lazy to hunt for certain things. Then let us add hit with pds. But I doubt that'll happen. It doesn't make much of a difference to me.
  13. I don't think you necessarily need crimson coat. Overall, it's not gonna make a noticeable difference most of the time.
  14. There are alot more dts in circulation. There's around the same amount of pds in circulation. People like using pds to buy items that are worth less than 1 dt. That's the main reason. Lemon is the only one making sense on this thread >.>