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  1. Good stuff man. Keep it up!
  2. Okay. Well am I thinking this through and understanding this correctly?
  3. I was looking for that thread. I appreciate it Soly. Just to confirm, since Olga's DAR is 100, if playing with two players using individual drops there would a 67% chance of anything dropping and if something drops, it would have a 1/186 chance of being PGF or 1/62 chance during hh? Therefore, between 2 players the chance of one of them getting a PGF would be 2/(186*1.33) or about 1/124 and would therefore be more efficient for this type of hunting?
  4. Can someone explain the exact individual drop system in detail please? After spending hundreds of hours PGF hunting mostly solo or with a friend using shared drops it's come to my attention that I probably shouldve been using individual drops instead. I've also heard that you have a better chance of getting the item you want with 3 players instead of 4. Can someone please provide some clarity? :"L I guess this could help explain why some people got multiple PGFs.
  5. S>Demon Calibur 50/50/0/0/50

    PM me offer (mudkipz your inbox is full)

    1. SelahIsASpot


      idk if hes on but i can buy it for him, what do u want?

    2. tru


      Just pds or dts but I'm at work rn so ill catch him online later maybe.

  6. Of course changing the rate makes a difference. Items dropping at difficult rates is a fundamental part of this game. This drop is just out there since there are only so many hours in a 3 week period which means a lot of people will end up not getting it no matter how much they hunt. I understands that Larva doesn't want everyone to have dark weapons, but either way people who really want them will get them. If people are willing to spend 500 dollars they can get a dark weapon. You see dark weapons constantly anyways because a lot of the people who couldn't get a dark weapon after sinking hundreds or even thousands of hours into the server got discouraged and left. Having more in circulation keeps players coming back since they have something to work towards versus the way it is now where people get too discouraged having to wait another year to attempt to reach a possibly insurmountable goal.
  7. I don't think so. I only saw 2 and i was up early hunting. I've been hunting for 15 hours straight today. The longest break I took was 15 minutes to eat, and I only recall seeing 2 PGF banners.
  8. B>LV29 grants 30 PDs

    or LV30 grants 50 PDs

    PM me if you have one you'll part ways with 

  9. B>Sacred Bow 80 hit 45 DTs (maybe more if it has very high stats). I'll buy one with less hit too (minimum 30). PM the stats and I'll make an offer.

    LV29 grants 30 PDs

    or LV30 grants 50 PDs

    PM me if you have one you'll part ways with 

    Edited by tru
  10. When he says just crazy are we talking about a 1/1,000,000 chance or what?..
  11. B>LV29 grants 25 PDs

    or LV30 grants 40 PDs

    PM me if you have one you'll part ways with :)

  12. Idea for post-xmas Mini Event

    That would be amazing. I have 200+ heart of morolians lol
  13. B>Boomerang with 30+ hit. PM me how much hit and i'll make you an offer.

  14. S>80 hit Demon Me Mechgun 70 DTs or best offer

    B>80 hit boomerang 45 DTs