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  1. I remember when I made a topic showing this a Fyrewolf5 said I was wrong but was too lazy to prove me wrong (since he was wrong). At least someone else was willing to test this.
  2. B>Foie Merge 10 pds, Gifoie Merge 10 pds, Grants lv 29 30 pds, Grants lv 30 50 pds, Red Barrier 4 pds, Amplifier of Gifoie 3 pds, Amplifier of Foie 3 pds

  3. B>Foie Merge 10 pds, Gifoie Merge 10 pds, Grants lv 29 30 pds, Grants lv 30 50 pds, Red Barrier 4 pds, Amplifier of Gifoie 3 pds, Amplifier of Foie 3 pds

  4. I imagine if your windows xp computer is strong enough to run pso it should be strong enough to record videos. Try camstudio
  5. It's actually super easy to record gameplay. I've used stuff like camstudio, bandicam, fraps (there's a way to get the full version for free) and maybe others which are free to download and easy to use. Even though my laptop is crap it works fine. It's probably more effort to download and play pso on ultima, than it is to record what's playing on your screen. I can help people out if needed too.
  6. Seems interesting but I'm not sure how many people purposefully tekk to get negative started weps (I don't) and of course those who do would have a major advantage. It seems like blank weapons would be fine since those can be obtained easily in BPD. The rule where you state "no overpowered weapons" is very vague and subjective so I hope you clarify that with absolutely certainty so there's no ambiguity that causes issues during the event. I think it's a good idea to have difficult challenges where you can compete against each other, but too many restrictions make it quite difficult to have the right gear to participate. I don't have a blank ppp mag but wouldn't equipping no mag have the same effect?
  7. So far I can confirm: Rico's Parasol Pyro Goran Pinkal Magic Rock "Heart Key" Crimson Assassin (ep 1) Viridia Ultimate difficulty
  8. About to start March Comes in Like A Lion. I hope it's good O:

  9. Omg are we actually getting a drop chart this time? O:
  10. Hopefully this change gets implemented in the next update!
  11. I'd actually like to see what impact this would have on the server. It would be interesting to see how people adapt. Some people are very reliant on their DWs and I'd be interested to see how they would do without it. I guess there's always other servers who do this, and I'd imagine this change would anger people so yeah.. It'll probably never happen. Maybe they could do something like crack mode where DWs are combo locked, but you get more experience when playing in that mode or slightly better drops. Just a little something to incentivize people to play without them. Although that may somewhat divide the player-base and make it more difficult to find rooms with people.
  12. I like the fact that you made a tier list. I've made ones like this in my head for a lot of things including section ID. I generally agree with everything although I'd personally move redria down one tier. Maybe it's better than I realize but generally it's helped me most during events and not much else. I normally get redria drops I want on other IDs. It doesn't seem like a top 5 section ID to me. I would also move Viridia down one tier. I don't find ADR that useful considering dress plate is easy to come by, and of course STA exists, I suppose it does have it's use since it's a shield instead of an armor although I'd rather just ttf with whitill. I generally find Bluefull to be on the level on redria in terms of viability with viridia slightly below due to it's lack of versatility. Greenill is kinda hard to place, but since materials are so incredibly useful I understand why you'd put it that high. I also like how Pinkal gets two blank tiers above it to indicate it's unviability. I've played my Pinkal for almost 400 hours and it's been quite underwhelming. I even made a second FOnewm to satisfy my desire to play that class without suffering from a poor ID.
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