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  1. As thanks for this magnificent run , the event will run for 2 more weeks , until 4/13.
  2. Party combination restriction removed , weapon hit limit is also removed. Hopefully this makes things easier.
  3. Until 3 unique party entries have been satisified before hand , parties are locked. After 3 unique entries your allowed to participate in another party even if you had already entered.
  4. From the restrictions , really only a handful of weapons become viable such as Raygun series with charge/demons Rifle series with charge/demons Bringers Rifle (Which can go up to 50 hit with photon crystals) Slicer of Fanatic (Hit is not required , SNS glitch exist) Charge Vulcans S-ranks Twin Blaze All of these weapons are not difficult to obtain in any matter
  5. Iron Faust is not allowed , as you have said. The hit limit being 70 is to encourage people to use either shop weapons/found weapons from RL or from boxes on the ground.
  6. Q: Why not 50 or 80? A: There are weapons that still qualify that have been found in the 55-70 hit range. As for your statement , it is just as you said. They are buffed from vanilla.
  7. One person. I believe that the party should be responsible enough to decide who gets what in the event that they win/place for any of the prizes.
  8. Hello. I am hosting a TA Event with restrictions and basic rules.I simply desire to see how players in Ultima perform when subjected to these conditions. Target Quest : Raid on Central Tower Restrictions Vanilla Weapons only. Custom server made/buffed weapons such as Yasminkov with specials , Type M with specials , psycho ravens etc are invalid. Vanilla Armors/Units only. Custom server made/buffed armors such as Sonic Team Armor , Wedding Dress , Kroes and Centurion/Battle etc are invalid. No Dark Weapons. Switching to any of these banned items will instantly invalidate your parties attempt. No PB Before starting and or building PB before hand. How to Enter The Event will run from March 22nd to April 13th 9:00 PM EST A recording from one player in the party is required A screenshot of each members equipment is required The run must be recorded and posted here for valid entry Any screenshot entries will be invalidated Prizes will only be distributed if 3 different party contestants enter and post their times The Timer after Olga's Defeat cut scene will be your final time. Rankings 1st Place : Izaya , Currey26 (18:42) 2nd Place : 3rd Place : Prize(s) 1st Place : Centurion/Battle 2nd Place : Heaven Striker 0/0/35/0/40 3rd Place : 5/160/35/0 Pink Agastya T/E/P , 5/150/45/0 White Sato T/E/P , v101 , Twin Blaze , 60 Photon Crystals If you would like to donate , PM me. Thanks for participating if you do. Good luck and good bye.
  9. B>Glide V.00 and Psycho Wand

  10. S>0/0/100/100/45 HS

    1. Virec


      do you have a price in mind

  11. S> 0/0/100/100/45 HS and 80H charge suppressed gun

    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      40 dts for the hs

  12. S>0/0/100/100/45 HS , 80H charge suppressed gun.

    1. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      wish I had the dts to buy that thing

    2. Sylph777


      where are the 100hit charge suppressed gun that you promisd me? D:

  13. s> charge suppressed gun , 0/0/100/100/45 HS.

  14. S>DM. PM me if interested.

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