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  1. Hi Happy to have you around, too! Let's definitely game some day lol
  2. Ill Gill stares into your sorry soul...or in this case, my hucast's failsome twisty circuits >_>
  3. Hi! Welcome to PSOBB. It's great to see so many new players starting. Feel free to hmu on Discord and I'll be glad to help whenever you or your buddies need it. Mine is Fliptroll9#5282
  4. Hey man, it's lel. Thanks for playing with me while we could. I know it will get pretty lonely from here on. But hope you do well in your schooling and family. I'll still be here and I'm probably just gonna play to help the newcomers of pso.

    All the best, Take care!

    1. eric


      Thank you! It is going to be a difficult semester but I work pretty hard and have a strong understanding of most of the concepts that will be introduced this semester. I will try to be on on weekends when I am not out digging around mid-Holocene sand dunes and ice-walled lake plains, lol. Take care my friend.

  5. Need a good laugh?


  6. Never mind, Soly. I think I got it! I just downloaded both the x64 and x86 and restarted the game. Tilde and ` keys open and close the menu, and looks like all the addon windows are draggable and clickable. Thanks you for your help and these awesome features!
  7. Tried pressing ~ ` keys, nothing happened when I clicked through them. No big deal if I can't get this to work. Sorry if my issue is being such a drag.
  8. Okay. I'm also using a 64-bit system to play the game. So I'll re-install the x86 and your addons and see what happens next. Here's what happened when I included the theme editor from your previous post, btw:
  9. Yes, I found out a while ago it has been updated to Item Reader. I'll see if including the theme editor with the rest of your addons would work..
  10. So I tried following the guides to installing these addons. When I launched the game with the main menu up, I noticed some [PRINT] statements (most likely for debugging purposes) for all 4 of the addons -- Character, Monster, Item and Player Reader. The statements are saying "Failed to load module directory" for each respective addon. And then a [FATAL] statement following after. I restarted the game. And now the Main menu itself doesn't respond at all -- nothing highlights when I hover with the pointer nor does it respond when I click on the menu items. Did I do something wrong with the directory setup or something completely different?' I'm sure there's a solution.. help please ^_^'
  11. I don't know if people can remember this, but does anyone know the name of the song that used to play for the lobby/event some 2-3 years ago? The song sounded like something from some anime with J-pop vocals and has violin tunes. It's not under the list of songs when you /lobbyevent... if anyone knows it, I would really appreciate it!
  12. Hello there! Welcome to PSO! PM me anytime you need the help. I usually lvl and hunt stuff if not joining other games
  13. Very Hard - Garanz - Bluefull -- Harmonic Resonance Core
  14. Welcome to PSO bro! I hope you have fun enjoying this awesome game
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