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  1. i love you

    1. Misombre


      I love you too Magicast

    2. Izaya
  2. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  3. Looking for 15 PDs. PM me. Sold.
  4. B> master raven 3 PDs PM me

  5. Magicast

    B> Sreds

    PM me your price Got some. Thanks.
  6. Looking for 25 PDs or sreds blades for it. PM me Sold it
  7. Those found belong to my friend and are not one of the two I mentioned above.
  8. Hi. I recently lost my psycho ravens in the last few days and have been unable to find them. I had two pairs one which I traded away to Scout pso and the other pair was deposited into my local bank on character slot 2. I have no screenshots of the lost pair. My GC #42088476
  9. Offering 35 DTS and a blank Psycho Raven. PM me. Got one. Thanks.
  10. I don't know how much they go for usually. Got one.
  11. Magicast


    Willing to pay 4 PDs. Thanks. Got one. Thanks!
  12. Price for the drill launcher?
  13. I'm offering two Psycho Ravens for it. Thanks.
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