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  1. i love you

    1. Misombre


      I love you too Magicast

    2. Izaya
  2. B> master raven 3 PDs PM me

  3. Leaving this server for good. Special thanks to Rudy, Jaz0, and Tweek (<3 you guys) Most of my items are being given away to people I feel that deserve them. Goodbye Ultima
  4. The bank is fixed now, thanks. Is there any possible way I could get a few items back from my bank?
  5. Hiya. This happened to my account a while back, and I still can't use my common bank because the game tells me it is "full" even though there is nothing there. I have no screenshots of my bank before because I didn't expect the glitch to happen. I also don't remember the exact time it happened. All the items in my bank were erased as well. Common, and local bank Guildcard: 42088476 Pictures: http://i.imgur.com/dsW2VrV.png
  6. I cannot reach the character select screen still. I just get stuck at a loading screen. Somebody else had this same issue
  7. I'm currently not able to even see the character select screen. I've been trying for about twelve hours now and still no luck. I just get stuck at the loading screen
  8. Welcome to Ultima Duncan. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  9. I was recently harmed by the attack on the server, and I am requesting for a rollback. Thanks Account Name: Magicast My GC: 42088476 Character slots glitched: 1, 2, 3, 4 Ericka RAmarl, slot one Spider HUcast, slot two Green RAmar, slot three Phoenix FOnewearl, slot four Time I signed in: Around 4:30 PM 10/20/2013 Last time played: Not sure
  10. This is not the fix for your problem. I wish I knew how to help you though.
  11. A few of my friends were having problems with the game failing to launch after the latest patch was applied. Turns out the new PSO exe files were being blocked by Windows. Here's how to fix this problem. Guide (Windows 7) ------------------------- 1. Click the Start Menu button, click the Control Panel button, then click System (NOTE: If your Control Panel is set to You will need to click System and Security, then click System) 2. Click Advanced System Settings on the left side of the window. If prompted by UAC, run as administrator. 3. Under the Advanced tab, click settings inside the performance box. 4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and click Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select. (NOTE: You can either turn this off and try to launch the game, or if it won't launch with it disabled; enable it and add the EXE files to the exception list) 5. Click the Add... button and navigate to where you installed Ultima PSO (default location is C:\Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst) Now add all of the EXE files you see to the list. When finished, click Apply then click OK. 5b. You may need to restart your computer for the settings to apply. 6. Launch the game!
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