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  1. can you add especial to rianov 4?
  2. via Imgflip Meme Generator (Just if the first dont count as meme XD)
  3. olga regular drop isn't confirmed yet? (saber)
  4. soul banish/partician of lighting regular drops on skyly (i think they are gi and mericous or wasp one) ep 2 towers
  5. back :P


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    2. jezbuz


      Blood tornado. Buy it from me like right now, or give me a blue black stone for it.

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    3. Salem11


      No he mean event also Samba Fiesta "demon" 

    4. R-78


      He said daggers.

  6. now who breaks the monster get first place? didnt got it
  7. gosh i meet you with the "black cat" char, i just told you in my town there is a strip club with that name jajaja. But welcome back travs (im not telling you the full forum name hahahaha)
  8. If R-78 and i are paired how we get the prize? xD a Sudden death of 3 matches?
  9. i broke the piñata at the first attack
  10. Can i register my char? and what happen if my lvl 1 char (krillin) dies?
  11. Onepunch man's globe at claire deal 5 recipe "God hand, heavenly tech, centurion battle, adept, wiz res" Fist weapon, all stats +20. +1 techs, 110% natural speed, all resist 15, ATA base 80 atp 1000, Req atp 1000. special berserk or wave (wave would be combo locked). usable by Humar, Ramar and Fomar (btw non stackable with cent battle) Hero costume: req level same as RR with -5 all res, make you bald and grants +15 all res, 200 atp 200 hp when is matched with the globe. Lmao we deserve more fist weapons xD don't blame me T.T. Pic for fun
  12. banner "Ultima: Lag" lmao
  13. well if you can make me the favor :). @aulibum in this case jezb had crashes over 10/10 games and when he did not use the DM esp he havent had any issue since that, destro had problems when he drops confuse traps and when i told him to do not use traps he got safe... maybe it just the settings but that could work for many others not only them. pb crashes everyone maybe not at once but the corners are just dangerous after pb and mid does too. @salem i'm not angry i took a shower and did more things and now i need to go to an event. try to do not mess topics because you can make a missunderstand...
  14. 3 players had this issue, nova, jezb and destroyer they had the crash everytime they do this mision, after trying to do not do this stuff they manage to complety all the next games without any crash. In fact you dont get crashed when u do dm spe but its risky using it, the guaranted crash mostly its pb and confuses like i said but if you spam dm you get a slighty chance to get crashed. If you will keep argue about this issue do auli i really don't care but if already helped 3 players it gona help even more so don't boter if you don't get crash good for you but some others will need this guide...