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  1. me has roto la ventana...


    and you know the rest bae xD

    1. jezbuz


      my boi! do you still got those ugly ears?

  2. agree usefull and sexy... but i prefer banana cannon for obvious reasons i can't tell you why because i can get banned by "sexual related content" <3 mio hazme un hijo soy tu fan pd: I really like flowen swords, have a nice looking unfortunatly its just the looking...
  3. Mio hazme un hijo!!! me compre la G752 de la asus estoy de vuelta Corazon!!!

  4. hey bae lord :D

    1. jezbuz


      Hey ladyboy! Welcome back! :D

  5. Man its a hard one I admit i respect all 5, its a pleasure to have em in the server and this is a really hard one :/ i think i would go for R-78 the queen really care bout us, she invest her time sharing us so much fun and help aswell in her own way. I really think she can feet the GM roll very well shes active and always remains neutral and chilled don't mater what R-78
  6. he already saw me, and you were in the run too Hunting Ms or lhb run for bombchu and fire rod if i remember well
  7. FOcast for the win, even thou i dont know why people keep saying in my games "SD please"
  8. I think he means he didn't had the item from jacko meanwhile he were using limiter... i were using limiter to farm them so probably its a bug caused by the limiter... its a good lead to be honest because i haven't had any problem before and i had opened more than 500 presents but its the first time i opened them with limiter on and i had big loses...
  9. indeed, i opened around 20 lanterns already and from these lanterns i got around 15 items only... even thou i got 2-3 of all and 0s soul for some reason xD in fact my last run i opened 3 and i just had 1 chuchu only not others...
  10. 42088959 tiene problemas con el texto, esta es su guildcard, desconozco si en esta esta su whitil. Saludos.
  11. 24 and 124 if i win something please give away to batman guy he need one...
  12. No me parece que le quiten opciones de mechgun a los hunters honestamente, estan muy mal con ese ATA que se cargan y ya les quieres quitar unas mechgun que tienen un ATA decente?... y mira que no uso hunters pero se me hace absurdo eso.
  13. pishion

    Triforce Event 2017

    Eres la onda gracias por cierto, checa los fire rod no he visto caer de gibles en whitil y se supone que deberian caer más que el bombchu de lili.
  14. A player just asked me why i trowed an almost maxed wd for a  really low stated event item witch goes for even a lower price.. welp im speechless :) i like to help :)


    Now i dont have WD RIP hahahaha

    1. Larva


      Tiraste una WD ? 😲 Por que ???

    2. pishion


      se la regale a un jugador que resulta ser sordo, pensé que era aleman o así despues me explico. Suelo dar mucho freebie

  15. Does any change tibia coins for dts or items in here? :P

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