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  1. now who breaks the monster get first place? didnt got it
  2. gosh i meet you with the "black cat" char, i just told you in my town there is a strip club with that name jajaja. But welcome back travs (im not telling you the full forum name hahahaha)
  3. If R-78 and i are paired how we get the prize? xD a Sudden death of 3 matches?
  4. i broke the piñata at the first attack
  5. Can i register my char? and what happen if my lvl 1 char (krillin) dies?
  6. Onepunch man's globe at claire deal 5 recipe "God hand, heavenly tech, centurion battle, adept, wiz res" Fist weapon, all stats +20. +1 techs, 110% natural speed, all resist 15, ATA base 80 atp 1000, Req atp 1000. special berserk or wave (wave would be combo locked). usable by Humar, Ramar and Fomar (btw non stackable with cent battle) Hero costume: req level same as RR with -5 all res, make you bald and grants +15 all res, 200 atp 200 hp when is matched with the globe. Lmao we deserve more fist weapons xD don't blame me T.T. Pic for fun
  7. banner "Ultima: Lag" lmao
  8. well if you can make me the favor :). @aulibum in this case jezb had crashes over 10/10 games and when he did not use the DM esp he havent had any issue since that, destro had problems when he drops confuse traps and when i told him to do not use traps he got safe... maybe it just the settings but that could work for many others not only them. pb crashes everyone maybe not at once but the corners are just dangerous after pb and mid does too. @salem i'm not angry i took a shower and did more things and now i need to go to an event. try to do not mess topics because you can make a missunderstand...
  9. 3 players had this issue, nova, jezb and destroyer they had the crash everytime they do this mision, after trying to do not do this stuff they manage to complety all the next games without any crash. In fact you dont get crashed when u do dm spe but its risky using it, the guaranted crash mostly its pb and confuses like i said but if you spam dm you get a slighty chance to get crashed. If you will keep argue about this issue do auli i really don't care but if already helped 3 players it gona help even more so don't boter if you don't get crash good for you but some others will need this guide...
  10. i mean whe you do these thing you can get crashed not 100% guaranted but you can... if you avoide these stuff you will never get crash call me liar if you want but i had tested it extensive... ti happen in certan points after DOING these stuff atleast once... unbeliable guys...
  11. tested plenty times this week and we had not a single crash if we do this. Test edges/corners without using DM or traps and you will see its safe, when you do traps, pb, dm green lance the edges/corners its far away to be safe test it then edit ur post. Ty
  12. The quest harmony of despair 2 has a common crash issue in the final room. This crash its triggered by some specific events and to avoid the crash just don't do the following: 1.- Don't use traps specially confuse, they are insta crash, frezze and damage traps it trigger the chance of crash for the one who set the trap. 2.- If you runing dark meteor avoid to do the green beam. This also triggers the chance crash for all players. 3.- If you running Dark flow avoid the wave attack. This goes like dark meteor issue. 4.- Avoid the use of photon blast even out of the room, if you going to use it do it at dark falz escenario. This highly trigger the chance of crash even mid part for everyone. after doing once or more one of these event the chance of geting crash goes up and the crashes going to take place in the corners or in the midle, if the player triggered the crash event in the middle there is a high chance the mid crash others but if no one crashed/trigered in the mid of the room it will be safe for all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- En la misión harmony of despair 2 al llegar al cuarto final hay un error que te saca del juego. Este error es causado por eventos específicos y para evitar eso se debe hacer lo siguiente: 1.- Evitar el uso de las trampas, las de confusión te sacan la mayor parte del tiempo al instante, las otras no pero una ves puesta una ya hay probabilidad de conseguir error. 2.- Sí usas el dark meteor evita el uso de la lanza verde, este activa también el error. 3.- Si usas dark flow evita la ola. 4.- Evitar el photon blast del mag, este tiene altas probabilidades de sacarte a ti o alguien e incluso te saca si te acercas al centro. de preferencia tirarlo en falz. Después de hacer una o más veces los eventos mencionados antes existe la probabilidad de que el juego te saque, principalmente ocurre en las esquinas o si alguien tuvo el error en el centro del cuarto las probabilidades que te de tambien en el centro son altas, sin embargo si nadie se salio en el centro y no ocurrieron estos eventos el centro seria la mejor opción para evitar errores. Enjoy 333,333 meceta reward lol
  13. buy cent battle 45 dt

    1. Salem11


      I have no DT that forum first time log and do not know where the DT comes from?

  14. delete me XD lmao

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  15. quote 30/02/2017
    sell noobs hps 25 pds each



    our current outdated price list says you are overprising them, they worth one monomate.