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  1. When you are not salty at all and 45 0 0 50 50 and 0 50 40 0 45 on the farmer char
  2. blaming don't make you beter, being pro don't mean anything, scamming its hopeless, lies are pointless, rages make you dumb and last but not less.... Games are for fun.


    Wish good luck all players this week :) be nice each other its just a game enjoy it.

  3. sell stacks of power mind and hp materials, 4 dts each stack


    buy mille mechs with 30-50 hit and dark

  4. I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! kajex (ehmmm i think saith's fault) god lord why you added pgf drop in these merlans ultimate event drops!!! i starting to hate the pg


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    1. kajex


      Parasitic gene rose ftw

  5. ricos glases from del - d ep 1 whitil, and earring purplenium
  6. h/tp from sorc purplenium i think i got one when i did my hod run 80% sure bout this Blue Black Stone Magic Rock Heart Key i bet they going to be in greenell id and viridia. ulti ep 1 bringer and sorc in these order
  7. bluefull dress plate ds ulti del - d saber bringer...
  8. purpleniums: Bringer ult = MR rappies ep 1 regular also hilderthor. del ra thing boss
  9. falz purplenium rico earring confirmed
  10. b> hp/power/mind materials

  11. hylian shield, cure frezze can be switched with shock one (frezze only at falz) and strong sugest a heavenly body to resist delbiter rams crits until 150 if you dont have noob hp and also agree that divine isn't good there when you get the hylian u will have +50 dark & light resist or so
  12. what time is it for you right now?
  13. I love to help but man... this game has the record XD yesterday i found 5 players buying 10 pd's things or addslots and even more and they have nothing XD i gave  free and just one said me thanks.

    Then the classy TTF help dudes they grav everything and also do w/e they want and if you need to grav coffee they rush you so much and get mad with you when they just lose to much time XD

    Finally the strange pd shops... in the week i just bought some sweaters for almost free and the dealers offered things like god tech, v101 or things like that for 20 pd and finally don't forget the guys who wants noobs hp and they say "i saw one person selling for 20 the pack" and they just has like 3 weeks buying them :S


    I really enjoy this game and its comunity lmao :D


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    1. pishion



      "dude, 4 noob hps are 20-25pds :3 i dont know who told you they were 80 :/ "

      no one told me... already got 198 pd and hylian from 3 packs. Have a good day.

      Ps: 5 pd is the event price so wait 350 more days for em