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  1. Enter a PD shop calling all scammers because the units don't cost more than 5 pds Nuke olga when is orange killing the full team Drop 10 trimates, moon atomizer and dimates in the quest counter in a HU room before starting quests. IF HU pick up and move em repeat the process again xD
  2. B> 0|50|0|50|50 ARMS or trade PGF for DM with these stats

  3. in fact I reported him like 4 times in less than an hour for several issues but meh. I just read most of the ppl are ok with it and I personally do too. the human don't change behaviors but we can adapt ourselves i hope raz just understand the point of playing videogames Edit: I believe this post can be closed.
  4. bluefull VH canine or cannabin rambling may
  5. Welcome Back pishion :onion-head21:

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    2. Salem11


      haha Sorry same old english this you like funny story =) 

    3. pishion


      no its worse hahaha missed you :)

    4. Salem11


      yeah no matter :D 

  6. me has roto la ventana...


    and you know the rest bae xD

    1. jezbuz


      my boi! do you still got those ugly ears?

  7. agree usefull and sexy... but i prefer banana cannon for obvious reasons i can't tell you why because i can get banned by "sexual related content" <3 mio hazme un hijo soy tu fan pd: I really like flowen swords, have a nice looking unfortunatly its just the looking...
  8. Mio hazme un hijo!!! me compre la G752 de la asus estoy de vuelta Corazon!!!

  9. hey bae lord :D

    1. jezbuz


      Hey ladyboy! Welcome back! :D

  10. Man its a hard one I admit i respect all 5, its a pleasure to have em in the server and this is a really hard one :/ i think i would go for R-78 the queen really care bout us, she invest her time sharing us so much fun and help aswell in her own way. I really think she can feet the GM roll very well shes active and always remains neutral and chilled don't mater what R-78
  11. he already saw me, and you were in the run too Hunting Ms or lhb run for bombchu and fire rod if i remember well
  12. FOcast for the win, even thou i dont know why people keep saying in my games "SD please"
  13. I think he means he didn't had the item from jacko meanwhile he were using limiter... i were using limiter to farm them so probably its a bug caused by the limiter... its a good lead to be honest because i haven't had any problem before and i had opened more than 500 presents but its the first time i opened them with limiter on and i had big loses...
  14. indeed, i opened around 20 lanterns already and from these lanterns i got around 15 items only... even thou i got 2-3 of all and 0s soul for some reason xD in fact my last run i opened 3 and i just had 1 chuchu only not others...
  15. 42088959 tiene problemas con el texto, esta es su guildcard, desconozco si en esta esta su whitil. Saludos.
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