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  1. HBD Dude one year more being salty :D. Hope you are doing great in lil Cuba!!



    1. jezbuz


      Thanks mate! I'm getting older and older :(

  2. Me rompiste la ventana... ahora que?!





    (Miss you my little shit)

    1. pishion


      hahahaha what you gonna do lil scarface? stay in cuba hahaha!!! yeah im installing this thing atm

    2. jezbuz


      *mini-cuba have some respect Juan Paulo!

  3. @serverus


    This is why im your fan!!! make me a kid!!! ❤️ 


    QUIERO MI HIJO soy tu fan!!!




  4. 50h bringer rifle, Rambling May +50 [40/0/0/0|40] Banana Cannon [50/40/0/0|0] Banana Cannon +50 [0/0/0/55|25 Sacred Bow [0/35/0/55|0] Sacred Bow [35/0/0/40|0] Master Sword [0/0/15/20|0] Master Sword +70 [50/0/0/40|0 Fire Rod [0/0/0/35|0] Rage de Glace +9 [0/35/0/0|50] lmk
  5. Enter a PD shop calling all scammers because the units don't cost more than 5 pds Nuke olga when is orange killing the full team Drop 10 trimates, moon atomizer and dimates in the quest counter in a HU room before starting quests. IF HU pick up and move em repeat the process again xD
  6. B> 0|50|0|50|50 ARMS or trade PGF for DM with these stats

  7. pishion

    B> PGF

    436 and a ps is quite expensive but thanks for trade can be closed
  8. pishion


    thanks for trade, I wonder who took the sue coat xD
  9. pishion


    PSYCHO WAND [0/65/0/0|0] MOTHER GARB+ SUE'S COAT [0/15 | 0/20] [1S] ADEPT 20pd Centurion/Arms Halo Rappy Soul x8 godric cloak aswell 107 pds there RR, ADR and WD lmk how much you want for all if you are able to trade
  10. Thanks for trade. Updated
  11. dunno make an offer xD
  12. in fact I reported him like 4 times in less than an hour for several issues but meh. I just read most of the ppl are ok with it and I personally do too. the human don't change behaviors but we can adapt ourselves i hope raz just understand the point of playing videogames Edit: I believe this post can be closed.
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