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  1. error 903 ?

    hello a friend has been trying to get back on the server, but he said all he gets is ''error 903'' any help please? i'm sure some people know who he is ''mick'' or mr one in game (:
  2. suggestions for a fomar.

    if you want any fomar weps i have a few you can buy (': such as Windmill Inferno Bazooka Holy Ray M&A60 Vise Red Handgun Custom Ray Ver.00 G-Assassin's Sabers Morning Glory Brave Knuckle Victor Axe Diska of Braveman Elysion DB's Sword (AUW 3062 Gal Wing Red Barrier Purple Ring and sacred cloth, il sell em all really cheap like 1 pd per item (: let me know in game or on pm
  3. Error Code 05

    try redownloading it + deleting it out of hard drive before download?
  4. Error Code 05

    try right click and run as admin (: should work then

    was in ttf normal new character been playing him for 10hours then got disconnected, had my double cannon and jizzaz on me. logged in both items were completely gone and all i had on me was a saber :S this occured at 6:45PM i have a pic of the weps on my other char which is the link at the bottom, character slot 2 character number 42097842 <LINK BELOW ITEMS> http://s1276.beta.photobucket.com/user/Benni_Hodson/media/psoitems_zps1642581b.png.html?sort=3&o=0 will i get my weapons back with there same stats? any other information needed let me know please (:
  6. Can't get in to pso? help!?

    close topic, problem solved
  7. Can't get in to pso? help!?

    hello, i recently did the new update patch, and now i can not get in to pso?! i can type my username and password press enter then it just loads that's all it does, no ''server is full'' no ''server may be underdevelopment'' just the loading bar in the corner, i have had it loading for about 20mins now and my character's profiles have not poped up, any ideas?!
  8. Good-bye ULTIMA very soon.

    il have red ring nick ;p
  9. Good-bye ULTIMA very soon.

    damn as if u left nick :L we will have to keep in touch via e-mail dude! enjoy the marines dude me and kymee said byeee mate
  10. can you play pso ultima from a wii?

    meaning i would not be able to play psob ultima server (which is what i wanted) ): il have to carry on pc then, i have modded wii n orignal game aswell lol bad times
  11. can you play pso ultima from a wii?

    i have a soft mod wii so shouldnt be to hard
  12. can you play pso ultima from a wii?

    couldn't i download it direct to the wii thou? and play it through that just like using a pc
  13. hello i was just wondering if it is possible to play this server from the nintendo wii? if so how? or do u need to buy a hunter licence? or do u need the server login details to acess this from the gamecube version of pso? or could i just direct download it then put it on my wii and run it through? thank you in advanced
  14. You are sexy and i love you :3 xxx

  15. Fake Weapons?

    who ever told me was a fake was clearly wrong.. sorry to naruto