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  1. yeah i quit aswell dude (: thanx for the offer of the stuff thou (: good luck with studys mate
  2. my speackers have been robbed by my gf lmao, but he reckons the only song he knows like that would be this? i for one can not here it because i have no speakers lol
  3. thank you, sorry i could not help >.< if it's not fount by tomorrow i could ask my japaneese friend to see if he knows of it at all (:
  4. red star, the names there yeah... but the artist is not
  5. hello a friend has been trying to get back on the server, but he said all he gets is ''error 903'' any help please? i'm sure some people know who he is ''mick'' or mr one in game (:
  6. added purple sato mag 5/145/45/0 twins offer, and honeycomb reflector offer
  7. coming on now link and monster and hopefuly ??????????? is online lol (:
  8. thank you for the good idea has been done ^^, and well it all depends are u a hunter? or force or ranger? i have a bunch of god stuff you can have for free lol
  9. mine was doing the same thing earlier dude, kept crashing on me, just try re-start ur computer and also download avg antivirus lol (:
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