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  1. Nice. The good thing is you could say its frame perfect.. pressing enter on the Tech (in the ctrl+end GUI) queue's it to be used as soon as the character is finished with the previous Tech. Hello mudkip, been a while.
  2. Try setting some of the controller keybinds in the options menu. I've used controller once and don't have any other useful info to provide.
  3. @rashan0121 I was watching your pb run of ttf solo HUnewy, I have a tip for your Vol Opt Ver 2 gizonde Hundred Souls trick. I know the video is almost a year old, but you can more reliably and cast faster gizonde if you do ctrl+end gizonde on the tab GUI. The boss skipped to 3 different monitors, whereas using this method it won't skip ever (unless I'm wrong, I do it with a FO, maybe HUnew casting is slower, and not having v801, not sure).
  4. Use the previous thread from last year. Its on the same Forum page as this thread. Plenty of posts about ID's etc. Here's the page: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/28318-player-made-drop-table-anniv-event-2016/&tab=comments#comment-166483
  5. Its funny I came here via intuition that the Anniversary would pop up any minute. I was about 10 minutes early after logging on. Good luck everyone. Let's see if Ep 1 Falz drops STA again!
  6. T> STA / hundred souls for DF

  7. Ah interesting, I had done that a long time ago for when we used online.exe, since we use launcher.exe I need to add that too. Guess this will work. Edit: "not launcher" oh boy, guess that won't work, let's see anyway. It worked, thanks. Guess my old DEP's were pointing to non existant .exe's
  8. I equip the AS, and try a normal attack, and instantly the game crashes. Third time in a row. Would like a GM to try it and see if it happens, or if its due to an update recently that somehow changes the AS animation and crashes the game. Update, I think its every gun that I use crashes me now. I haven't gone into any other quests, but Pioneer Spirit is super buggy for me, the 2 NPC's do not have names. Something really went wrong with this recent update, I should probably just uninstall-reinstall, will try it later today.
  9. I don't really see how people said STA was the hardest drop, the event lasted over a month long, we found out TTF could clear it, runs only take 11 minutes solo. Likewise PoD takes about 12-14 minutes solo, and the drop rate being ~1% during HH isn't that bad. After trying this event for pgf, I feel its much harder to get one since RT solos take 30+ minutes each, or 8-3 takes 16 minutes to get to the boss. The amount of chances within a happy hour for drops is about half that of STA drops, so i'd need at least a month or two to get a pgf with happy hour hunts. I'm just hoping for a happy hour rate of 1/100 or 1/50 rate for the last few days, people were getting STA's like crazy those last few days.
  10. Still B> Stack of meseta. Offering 8 PD's. If you have 3+ stacks i'll give you 15 PD's for it all.

    Also if interested in helping me STA hunt in PoD / Falz (during green names), I am willing to give you a girasole after 2 full hh's of assistance.

    1. Aigis


      I can give you 3 Stacks of Meseta for free but im gonna log off for now ill probaly be offline for the next 10-12 Hours so just send me a Pm so we can talk about when we can meet ingame so i can give you the meseta.

    2. velociti


      Hmm I just got 2 stacks from luna, sorry I didn't notice the reply until now. If you need that meseta you can hold on to it now, but I am still willing to take this free money offer :P

    3. Aigis


      No i dont need the meseta i have enougth Stacks for a while so if still want the 3 Stacks just let me know.

  11. S> Rage de Feu 35%+ hit, pm me.

  12. B> HUcast mag (prefer tellusis)

    1. velociti


      Bought one from RRR, thanks!

  13. S> Spread Needle 35 machine 40 dark. Another w/ 35 native (iirc). Ultima Reaper 35 native.

  14. B> 70 hit AS Asteron Striker.

  15. S> Limiters 13 PD's. Will barter price.

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