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  1. Nice. The good thing is you could say its frame perfect.. pressing enter on the Tech (in the ctrl+end GUI) queue's it to be used as soon as the character is finished with the previous Tech. Hello mudkip, been a while.
  2. Back in the day on Dreamcast people would pipe in and out with the telepipe to get rare mob spawns. Doesn't work for psobb. Rare mobs have a good chance of rare drops. If I remember this server on occasion will boost rare mob occurrence, the way to know if its on or off is if your name is green in the lobby, correct me if I'm wrong. Also every now and then exp rate will be x5 for 2 weeks. Type /exp to see the rate, its x3 by default and x2 past lvl 140 or so if I recall.
  3. Try setting some of the controller keybinds in the options menu. I've used controller once and don't have any other useful info to provide.
  4. @rashan0121 I was watching your pb run of ttf solo HUnewy, I have a tip for your Vol Opt Ver 2 gizonde Hundred Souls trick. I know the video is almost a year old, but you can more reliably and cast faster gizonde if you do ctrl+end gizonde on the tab GUI. The boss skipped to 3 different monitors, whereas using this method it won't skip ever (unless I'm wrong, I do it with a FO, maybe HUnew casting is slower, and not having v801, not sure).
  5. Will offer dts. PM me away.
  6. Use the previous thread from last year. Its on the same Forum page as this thread. Plenty of posts about ID's etc. Here's the page: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/28318-player-made-drop-table-anniv-event-2016/&tab=comments#comment-166483
  7. Its funny I came here via intuition that the Anniversary would pop up any minute. I was about 10 minutes early after logging on. Good luck everyone. Let's see if Ep 1 Falz drops STA again!
  8. I'm assuming you mean trading "Lame D'Argent 25% for Excal". Unless you mean you want a Sealed J-Sword? SJS drop rate is 1/5,000 at best, and is worth a lot more. You aren't going to get someone to do this trade if you are asking for an SJS.
  9. Update, sold tjs for 110 dts to Scorch and sold 300 PD's for 40 dts to Scorch. Enjoy lad!!!!!!
  10. RUFFA! Seeing as you sold an Ep2 S-Rank earlier for about 175 PD's, I'd offer about 150 PD's for an S-Rank Arrest J-Cutter. If you think the offer is low just ask. Also if you haven't hunted it, I can offer a little more to motivate you to get the J-Cutter! The name of it can be.. Insomnium.
  11. I would love to trade PD's for dts. hit me with an offer. Ruffa, I haven't a clue what jcutters are valued at, but I can offer you tons of PD's to match what you want. I'll search around for a price, I don't remember what they are valued around.
  12. The guy that was going to buy my TJS for 110 dts hasn't been on in a week. TJS is now up on the market again.
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