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  1. 9th Anniversary Event - 2017

    Use the previous thread from last year. Its on the same Forum page as this thread. Plenty of posts about ID's etc. Here's the page: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/28318-player-made-drop-table-anniv-event-2016/&tab=comments#comment-166483
  2. 9th Anniversary Event - 2017

    Its funny I came here via intuition that the Anniversary would pop up any minute. I was about 10 minutes early after logging on. Good luck everyone. Let's see if Ep 1 Falz drops STA again!
  3. T> STA / hundred souls for DF

  4. Shooting a gun causes me to crash (Solved)

    Ah interesting, I had done that a long time ago for when we used online.exe, since we use launcher.exe I need to add that too. Guess this will work. Edit: "not launcher" oh boy, guess that won't work, let's see anyway. It worked, thanks. Guess my old DEP's were pointing to non existant .exe's
  5. I equip the AS, and try a normal attack, and instantly the game crashes. Third time in a row. Would like a GM to try it and see if it happens, or if its due to an update recently that somehow changes the AS animation and crashes the game. Update, I think its every gun that I use crashes me now. I haven't gone into any other quests, but Pioneer Spirit is super buggy for me, the 2 NPC's do not have names. Something really went wrong with this recent update, I should probably just uninstall-reinstall, will try it later today.
  6. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    I don't really see how people said STA was the hardest drop, the event lasted over a month long, we found out TTF could clear it, runs only take 11 minutes solo. Likewise PoD takes about 12-14 minutes solo, and the drop rate being ~1% during HH isn't that bad. After trying this event for pgf, I feel its much harder to get one since RT solos take 30+ minutes each, or 8-3 takes 16 minutes to get to the boss. The amount of chances within a happy hour for drops is about half that of STA drops, so i'd need at least a month or two to get a pgf with happy hour hunts. I'm just hoping for a happy hour rate of 1/100 or 1/50 rate for the last few days, people were getting STA's like crazy those last few days.
  7. Still B> Stack of meseta. Offering 8 PD's. If you have 3+ stacks i'll give you 15 PD's for it all.

    Also if interested in helping me STA hunt in PoD / Falz (during green names), I am willing to give you a girasole after 2 full hh's of assistance.

    1. Aigis


      I can give you 3 Stacks of Meseta for free but im gonna log off for now ill probaly be offline for the next 10-12 Hours so just send me a Pm so we can talk about when we can meet ingame so i can give you the meseta.

    2. velociti


      Hmm I just got 2 stacks from luna, sorry I didn't notice the reply until now. If you need that meseta you can hold on to it now, but I am still willing to take this free money offer :P

    3. Aigis


      No i dont need the meseta i have enougth Stacks for a while so if still want the 3 Stacks just let me know.

  8. S> Rage de Feu 35%+ hit, pm me.

  9. B> HUcast mag (prefer tellusis)

    1. velociti


      Bought one from RRR, thanks!

  10. S> Spread Needle 35 machine 40 dark. Another w/ 35 native (iirc). Ultima Reaper 35 native.

  11. B> 70 hit AS Asteron Striker.

  12. S> Limiters 13 PD's. Will barter price.

  13. Halloween Event 2016

    Honestly can't remember, but you might be right, its all a blur now. Also what's a guesstimate for Ultima Reaper? Like 3% in happy hour?
  14. Halloween Event 2016

    skyly Ultimate dorphon dropped a banana cannon (probably 1% in happy hour), and girasole feels like a ~10% drop during happy hour from shambertin boss.
  15. 0100010101110110011001010110111001110100

    How on earth did you guys even begin to decipher this from symbols to english letters? Assign a variable to each symbol? But how do you go from there? Assume each word has a vowel and so assign "aeiou" to one of those, which then leads to guessing the puzzle ala Wheel of Fortune? Edit: Oh so you just guessed the first line and plugged and chugged, got it.