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  1. T> STA / hundred souls for DF

  2. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    I don't really see how people said STA was the hardest drop, the event lasted over a month long, we found out TTF could clear it, runs only take 11 minutes solo. Likewise PoD takes about 12-14 minutes solo, and the drop rate being ~1% during HH isn't that bad. After trying this event for pgf, I feel its much harder to get one since RT solos take 30+ minutes each, or 8-3 takes 16 minutes to get to the boss. The amount of chances within a happy hour for drops is about half that of STA drops, so i'd need at least a month or two to get a pgf with happy hour hunts. I'm just hoping for a happy hour rate of 1/100 or 1/50 rate for the last few days, people were getting STA's like crazy those last few days.
  3. Still B> Stack of meseta. Offering 8 PD's. If you have 3+ stacks i'll give you 15 PD's for it all.

    Also if interested in helping me STA hunt in PoD / Falz (during green names), I am willing to give you a girasole after 2 full hh's of assistance.

    1. Aigis


      I can give you 3 Stacks of Meseta for free but im gonna log off for now ill probaly be offline for the next 10-12 Hours so just send me a Pm so we can talk about when we can meet ingame so i can give you the meseta.

    2. velociti


      Hmm I just got 2 stacks from luna, sorry I didn't notice the reply until now. If you need that meseta you can hold on to it now, but I am still willing to take this free money offer :P

    3. Aigis


      No i dont need the meseta i have enougth Stacks for a while so if still want the 3 Stacks just let me know.

  4. S> Rage de Feu 35%+ hit, pm me.

  5. B> HUcast mag (prefer tellusis)

    1. velociti


      Bought one from RRR, thanks!

  6. S> Spread Needle 35 machine 40 dark. Another w/ 35 native (iirc). Ultima Reaper 35 native.

  7. B> 70 hit AS Asteron Striker.

  8. S> Limiters 13 PD's. Will barter price.

  9. Halloween Event 2016

    Honestly can't remember, but you might be right, its all a blur now. Also what's a guesstimate for Ultima Reaper? Like 3% in happy hour?
  10. Halloween Event 2016

    skyly Ultimate dorphon dropped a banana cannon (probably 1% in happy hour), and girasole feels like a ~10% drop during happy hour from shambertin boss.
  11. 0100010101110110011001010110111001110100

    How on earth did you guys even begin to decipher this from symbols to english letters? Assign a variable to each symbol? But how do you go from there? Assume each word has a vowel and so assign "aeiou" to one of those, which then leads to guessing the puzzle ala Wheel of Fortune? Edit: Oh so you just guessed the first line and plugged and chugged, got it.
  12. Does Humar suck?

    Misombre, the excal from my memory did 2.4k crits with hucaseal, so probably 2.8k crits with HUcast. This does not compare with any hundred souls' special damage crits which do atleast 3.8k on HUmar/new. This is because hundred souls has 600 more atp than excal, and with 100% attribute that's another 600 more atp (or 300 extra atp that excal 100% doesnt have). Thats why i'm making a humar - no need for sues coat so i'd say humar>hunewy
  13. Does Humar suck?

    How come no one brought up Hundred Souls yet? In my opinion humar can be the best HU because of 2 easily accessible weapons. 1. Psycho Raven with attribute is the best bang for buck on single enemies/bosses. 2. Hundred Souls allows humars to deal atleast 3.8k damage on crits to 3 targets. Thats a 1hko for almost every monster. HUcasts can't use special so they can only do 2.5k damage on crits with strong attack. Currently making a humar to test his effectiveness. 300 less atp than hucast isnt all that bad when you have 3.5k+ atp (w/ shifta). And the funny thing is I was hitting 3k at level 47ish which is already more than hucast's max possible damage.
  14. Also selling Cent/Battle for a similar price (around 190 PD's).

  15. S> Cent/Battle 2x99 PD's

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    2. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      2 cent bat for 99 pds? or 1 cbat = 99 pds or 1 cbat= 99pdsx2 ??

    3. josiah


      doesnt matter lol not buying


    4. velociti


      Selling 1 Cent/battle for 2 stacks of 99 pd's. That's what 2x99 is.