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  1. welcome ^^ no one can forgot PSO xD peace and good luck in your hunt
  2. welcome to ultima see you in game ^^ aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. thx for help ^^ solved for me
  4. hello ^^ i got a crash with my character when i create or join room i cant join a room for unequip 100 souls or anything else plz, help me GC: 42013999 Thx
  5. all is here peace Kajex
  6. Welcome Event ENDED You can win this charge yasminkov during this event and he start now !!!! Oh yea, is my birthday a 16 july, and to celebrate it, I suggest to win yasminkov this day (end of the day = end of event) if you have a best time no restriction, only best time win and only red leader win xD Post pics with warp of olga with your time (pics is ok if we can see a red laser from warp) example: Good luck ppl and let the best win ^^ enjoy ______________________________________________ WINNER : Flawless 36.33 min left ______________________________________________ Thank you to all participants, Have fun
  7. server work atm (20 player online) disconnect your box / router during 20minutes and try again good luck
  8. hello I lost last donation (add 20%hit in sof) pics here thx for help ^^
  9. thx for this information, i can see more clearly now
  10. hello I want to know what it changes exactly? thx
  11. you have 2 way for tp materia: a quest forest offens. and roulette (gallon shop)
  12. ty, but work only when i restart game, but ok is not locked lol thx
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