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  1. Yep, for some reason in EP2, the chance to get a weapon with hit is not like it is in EP1, its always 1% chance. The only exception happens to be Yellowboze who apparently has around 3% drop rate? I don't know if any of these numbers are confirmed but this is what people seem to have discovered. Section ID's do have unique properties to them like chance of finding dagger class weapons and things like that but besides Yellowboze there are no bonus' related to hit% chance on any other section ID. Normally It would be best to farm for Hit% weapons on EP1 ultimate because they allegedly have a 5% chance to have hit, But Bloody art does not drop on Ultimate. With all that being said, I had determined the best way to farm Bloody Art was EP2 Very hard mode Hildeblues, because the drop rate on them is very high (7/8) and Hildeblues and other rare mobs spawn more frequently during green name times. I don't know if green name times are on right now during this event because I haven't played in a while. If they aren't then a different farming method might be better. Hope that helps!
  2. Like I said you shouldn't have them be stack-able on characters, just in the banks. Character stacks would be over powered as you mentioned.
  3. This has probably been suggested but would it be possible to have scape dolls stack able in banks but not on characters? We cant have them both be stack able because that would be a bit overpowered but I think freeing up a ton of bank space would be nice for everyone. I know I don't even try to pick them up much anymore just because I have more than I will probably ever use in my bank and don't want to take up even more space. Not sure its even possible with how the game is coded but would be a very nice QOL change.
  4. I tried, but I don't think so.

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      Very cryptic, long live the King.

  5. Honestly for this server it comes down to events and event drops. For most if not all of those drops you want to be able to farm any level of ultimate so main concern is actually going to be getting to level 200. Since green names aren't going on right now (which means no 5x exp) its not necessarily the best Idea to be trying to get to 200. Things to focus on for this server that I have found differ from the base game would be depending on the class you play. Since you are a ranger I wouldn't worry a ton about finding weapons with hit % but on this server anything that has hit % is worth keeping. At the moment I guess I would suggest getting to the point where you can grind something in ultimate mode. Anything you can farm for your class ID or work for at the moment during these off times would be ideal. Once 5x exp comes back you should try to hit 200 as fast as you can and start farming event drops. Apart from those 2 things I would say just try to do whatever you have fun in the game doing. I like to try and get an SJS myself instead of buying it so that's a long term goal I have set up at the moment. Its really up to you.
  6. So is this just a cheaper special event where you can use PDs and a normal weapon to add specials? Because you can use DT's to redeem specials for weapons but it costs 10?
  7. Dont be afraid to ask around if you need some starting gear, people will often just give you free basic gear like a Gladius or raygun or any other high class basic weapon for free.
  8. And they are basically put in the bank in the order that I found em so I found 2 in a row with 3 stats 😮
  9. Recently I had decided that I was going to be farming for a Bloody Art with hit so I could make a Blood Tornado. I saw the post by SinowNeo617 about their runs through east tower and thought making a post about my farm for that would be similar and fun. For this farm I had determined the best method would be to use the Yellowboze section ID because they have a 7/8 droprate for Bloody Art from Hildeblues on EP 2 Very Hard. I didn't have a Yellowboze before I started this farm so I made a new RACast and began leveling them and using gear from one of my other rangers. You cant play VH in Episode 2 until you reach level 60 so I ran TTF. By the time I finished my last TTF run I was level 64 so for reference I started this farm at level 64. Currently I am level 114 and am not sure If I want to keep farming or settle for what I have. I have farmed for around 3 days and here are my results. Bloody Arts with Hit: 13 For those interested here is a list of all the Bloody arts without hit: So what I take away from this so far is that in total I have farmed 154 Bloody Arts with only 13 of them having hit giving me a rate of 8.4% chance of finding this weapon with hit. This is a much higher rate than I was expecting since from what I understood about the buff to yellowboze's chance of finding a weapon with hit should have only bumped that up to about 3%. This rate is also especially nice considering when I went farming for a Crush Bullet with hit I found only 2 with Hit, one being 20% the other being 30% after being tekked, and that took almost exactly 100 drops of that weapon. Ideally I wanted to farm this weapon until I found one with at least 40 Hit untekked. If you look through all the Bloody Arts I have farmed you may notice that only one of them has even rolled a 40 in any of the %'s not even hit. This means that finding a 40 Hit untekked is going to be quite the grind so at the moment I will take a break from farming these and maybe come back to it later. If for some reason you want any of the Bloody Arts without Hit just sent me a message and I would have no problem giving them to you. As for the ones that do have Hit I will be selling those to whoever wants them and they will be in my shop at some point. I will put prices for them below, I think they are reasonable but you can always try to haggle or trade. I will be making more posts like this when I do more hunts in the future. At some point I need to try and get a Spread Needle with hit, that one could be interesting.
  10. He speaks the language of the gods

  11. Reeee.gif.2befb95c6b98a1f7c96e0dfa61789c9e.gif

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  12. Skyly is normally considered the best ID for Hunters because they have access to both the Red Sword and Chainsawd from ultimate Caves. Redria is normally better for Rangers because they can get spread needle. Ultima reaper is an event exclusive and can only be farmed during the Halloween event. If you really need a reaper right now I would suggest buying one from someone, normally a decent number of people have them. Also what level are you and difficulty? you probably wont get any good drops till ultimate. Check this Forum post for all the server Items and when they drop:
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