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  1. Had a great time! Thanks for hosting @Saber +7. Can't wait for the next. The next TEAMZ event is happening on Tuesday, March 14th @ 9pm EST DM me or @Saber +7 if you're interested in participating.
  2. Well, you heard it here first. (Sorry, Crank. I got lost in the sauce. o .o)
  3. Taking offers on raffle prizes.
    I have several PGFs, maxed weapons, DTs and VARIOUS HIGH END GEAR to offer — whatever your heart desires, I got you. Get at me, let's make a deal. ;)

    1. applesaucin



    2. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      guess, i miss dark flow last years ago


  4. Bro, you've made me so proud. 🥲 I always knew that you had it in you. And now your gameplay truly is something to be proud of. Keep at it! What you and the bois are doing in CCC is truly phenomenal. I salute you. ——————————— I wanted to add the backstory behind this: when I first met @MannyFresh, I saw a CCA room that he was in — he was leveling a HUcast. I entered it with my Lv 200 HUcast because I believe the Triforce event was live, so Hylian Shield was dropping from Gal Gryphon. So upon entering into CCA, I lowered to DF health and started DFing, but I noticed that Manny also lowered his health. He said that he didn't currently have a DF but he was practicing surviving while in DF health — and he was doing really well. I thought that was remarkable. Truly inspiring. I ended up making a deal with him to 'lend' him a PGF so he can create a DF to use for the time being, and during the Christmas event that was upcoming at the time, he'd 'repay' me upon finding a PGF. And he did. Now he's 1/4th of the team that holds the current CCC record. You the man, Manny!
  5. DF traditionally goes for 300-400 DTs depending on stat variables.
  6. [Everyone liked that] Phenomenal! The staff is really killing it with these updates. Bravo.
  7. In the Ultima PSOBB launcher in Options > General, there's a font setting that allows you to do just that. Also; if you haven't already, putting the correct resolution in the Display tab might sharpen things up.
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