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  1. The PSO speedrunning community doing Speedruns In a dimension outside of the game. Crazy, this game Is old and Its players are still delving deep: now they are Implementing IRL methods to save time Definitely the year 20XX of PSO
  2. What are the terms to refer to forces tech-casting to deal damage (mostly newman & newwoman) [newoman? ], and forces who use weapons for the same purpose (mostly human forces)? I always get confused cuz the term nuking sounds like spamming rafoie, but also spamming banana cannon, since both have the same VFX, aside from level difference And another question: What's the right term to refer to the 4th Evolution Mags that can evolve upon meeting the equational condition from level 100? [You know, to transform Into Sato, Nidra, Bhima, Rukmin, etc. Them mags] Obviously, they are 4th evolution mags as well, but unlike any other, these don't require mag cell, and their feeding chart will generally not be the same, but worse These two questions tend to bug me frequently when topic Is touched by someone, and so, frequently tripping on trying to refer to them
  3. I got some off the oven now
  4. Kotta

    pls close

    These are the Rianovs-4 I have for sale In my shop Rianov 303SNR-4 [0/0/0/0|35] 44PDs Rianov 303SNR-4 [0/25/0/0|20] [Untekked] 35PDs Rianov 303SNR-4 [0/0/0/35|25] 28PDs Rianov 303SNR-4 [0/0/0/0|45] 48PDs
  5. Just like hundred souls

    Wow, I am definitely evul :onion-head05:

    1. Lobotomy


      You're a sexy evil weeb villain indeed!

    2. Kotta


      Holy crap, now I have Indeed ascended as an evil weaboo villain now :rf-02: 




    3. Lobotomy


      You always were the weebest and the craziest, but more than all u're our Kotty 🖤

  7. Wait Was there a time event drop rates were shown to public? o .o (and maybe causing a drama for how retardedly low It was In the process ) Meaning If, for a whole event's event drop rates, ofc [and not for just certain Items, like STA
  8. In Yasminkov 9000M, not really. % on attributes other than hit makes a weapon stronger depending on what monster you attack, but said attribute% only affects a weapon's raw ATP, and Yasminkov 9000M only has like 40-80 min max ATP (60-100 If grinded), which Is not exactly worth the Investment, at the very least as priority. (If you feel like It, only do It on Charge Yasminkov 9000M since special Is to deal more damage than heavy attacks. On demon yas 9kM you don't need attribute% to do higher damage, It'll be closely as minuscule of a difference ) [Personally, I would also hear an opinion If sphering a charge/spirit/berserk yas 9kM Is worth the Investment ]
  9. Farm Shambertin/Kondrieu In episode 4 normal difficulty via Point of Disaster [A Dragon Scale goes for 5PDs base, so at most 8PDs/1DT ]
  10. Under Cover of Night - Halo CE When shit gets real In that chapter of Halo CE
  11. Friggin' Silly Indeed
  12. U. U I've never seen that one I would always stick to this Instead, since It shows me the different alternatives with the results I needed: https://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1241 {I would also check the Hunter one In case of DEX > POW : https://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1240 } I also use the mag feeding chart from there, but I am uncertain on whether I should post It here because I have found a very few Inconsistencies {but fortunately, those Inconsistencies only has to do with Mind stats } : https://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1021
  13. Hello. You might wonder "why down here, and not up there" [At this point I don't want to commit a painful mistake ] Sorry about this. This was supposed to be..... more beginner-friendly? I just.... started to notice I was at the bottom starter of Yggdrasil If anything, there are a lot of stuff I still have to add up, like best way to Increase Sync & IQ (especially IQ) from level 50 and on, and (very Important) What class and ID to feed mag before reaching level 50 to obtain Twins PB on third evolution. I [If your mag's highest stat Is POW, then Madhu Is what you must aim for It to evolve, considering DEX Is second highest]
  14. Kotta

    Buying mats

    Okay, but that's TOO cheap! (4DTs, take or leave )
  15. Kotta

    B> (Closed)

    Sung Jin-Woo, you have already posted a topic with practically the same title
  16. New status update! There Is a small variety of new mags available. Every addition are third evolution mags (so you can use a mag cell on them, naturally ). Partly, I apologize for keeping some of them mags as Madhu Instead of Kama, I failed to not get distraught about It so I'll leave It to you to morph It back to Kama In case you are Interested In using a Dragon scale on It [And finally and most Irrelevant ] once again, I made a shit-ton of Centurion/Arms HUcast Kamas mag So get up there and pay a visit, and buy something you wish (or not )
  17. Kotta

    Close pls

    ouchie ouch, guess I was rude with my post(s) didn't mean to give that Impression. Mb :c
  18. Kotta

    Close pls

    Yes Cuz generally, one makes a mag with two stats when making a fourth evolution special mag, and once you met the requirement to make It, you focus on one stat which means, at level 100, you are most likely at either 5 50 45 0 stats, or 5 45 50 o stats (so In case you're aiming for the highest POW, then the former stats ), and from there just level up one stat with the right Item (If POW, just dimates and should eventually become 5 150 45 0 stats ) (It also applies to ppp mags >.<)
  19. Kotta

    Close pls

    You've gotta be more specific about this request, cuz something tells me you're asking for a 200 POW Orange Sato, which Is.... tridimensionally (???) Impossible for a player to make (I'm gonna be refering to Sato and It's other familar mags as Fourth Evolution special mags, cuz Idk how exactly to refer to them ) -It's Impossible for a color mag other than red to reach 200 digits maximun on any stat -A Sato mag (or any fourth evolution special mags) can only reach 150 digits maximun on any stat [Idk defense, that sounds like a very tedious feat If It Is ) -The main requirement to evolve a mag Into a fourth evolution special mag Is to meet one of the required equations once mag reaches level 100 or any multiple of 10 from that point on regarding the four stats In a mag In any case, to understand this better, I would refer to this link back when I used to make Nidra mags a long time ago https://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1031 And finally, the only two ways I know making this mag Is possible Is via Item Donation List, or for a specific mini event to happen (In which cases, a GM Is required. Currently, there Is no mini event regarding mags going on, so only the Item Donation List Is the only way ) (refer to Item Donation List here -> https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/announcement/13-item-list-donations/ )
  20. Kotta

    B> Mag maker

    I dare someone recommend me and I'm gonna rotten your onions In your sleep, and then hang them right In your nose [and then leave my bois do the rest ]
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