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  1. Ep1 Oran Crimson Assasin Ultimate -> Serene "Peter" Swan
  2. Ep1 Ultimate Crimson Assassin Purplenum -> Smoking Plate [Non-Event Drop ]
  3. If It's a Non-Event Drop, then I think you are refering to the L&K14 combat [But If It's L&K38 then It Is an event drop 😮]
  4. Delbiter Bluefull Psycho Wand has a drop rate close to skyly's SJS from Gi Gues
  5. Please don't nerf drop rate? [And maybe buff my luck ]
  6. Dammit, I was farming Olga Flow In episode 1 Ultimate mode Solo Difficulty
  7. Nah, It Is okay A little misunderstanding won't kill anyone Gimme some yeah
  8. How do you make Tapas from a normal mag (non-PPP; base 5DFP; any color)? [Or better question, If It Is possible to make a non-PPP Tapas ] Asking cuz I tried. Managed to reach level 35 with stats 5 0 15 15 [5DPF, 0POW, 15DEX 15MIND] (Mind Is the last stat to reach 15 and level 35) And yet It evolved Into Mitra. DEX overlaps MIND In that condition. It would only evolve Into Tapas If MIND > DEX, but not MIND ≥ DEX :L It Is possible to make It Tapas If at least a level of defense Is Increased, though. Just wanted to know If It Is possible without raising DFP
  9. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    Not anime, but the closest thing to a good easter egg boss fight If It were a thing
  10. PM me when you are available I sell each for 5PeeDees
  11. I forgot Love Rappy Is an Ultima Exclusive mag no wonder there Is no Info about It anywhere
  12. Yes Yes I'll be logging on In a bit
  13. Pero antes de que te vayas, tengo que decirte algo muy Importante para que nunca olvides el servidor que tanto adoras Muy pero muuuy Importante
  14. Selling a bank full of Scape Dolls.
    [More like I'm desperate to get them off a character's bank for personal convenient purposes besides space :onion-head09:]


    200 Dolls for 15PDs or 2DTs

    Or 12 Dolls for 1PD

  15. New Kamas and few accidetal Madhus mags on sale! :D 
    0 66 128 0

    0 140 58 0

    0 180 20 0

  16. New Kamas [and a few Madhus cuz I'm perfect ] finally ready to be sold! This time they are No units for RAmar RAmarl FOmar FOmarl RAcaseal Centurion/Ability RAcaseal Only one thing wrong about these mags........ Those filthy Kamas! (and cute round Madhus balls 💨) decided to remain along the Panzer's Tails (Except for the remaining extra Kamas I have on sale now as well, since, well.... these don't have a Panzer's Tail where they can belong to ) Those Kamas stats are 0 180 20 0. They are quite popular here as well [you will notice those on the first section ]
  17. The outcome was Inevitable [Also Is It just me or she looks like puppy Mojo jojo xD]
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