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  1. Greenill Ultimate Ep4 Del Rappies -> Dress Plate " " " Girtablulu -> more Photon Drops
  2. Huh, not sure why, but I think I did a goof somewhere...

  3. Pyro Goran -> Rico's Parasol Also my bad, Yowie drops Bug Catching Net, Instead of LogIn Important update: Girtablulu -> Photon Drop -_-'' I am very certain that's the quest where you start In a region of crater, then warped to crater Interior and then fights Saint Million after passing through a giant Cactus Field (so no desert runs on that quest...)
  4. I knew there was hh going on, but I am still working and took a peek In a computer -_-" 96 minutes left
  5. Greenill Episode 4 Ultimate Difficulty: Zu -> Rambling May Pyro Goran -> Yowie -> LogIn Goran Detonator -> Non Event Drop (SoF) Goran -> Non Event Drop (Crimson Coat) Girtablulu -> Pazuzu -> Non Event Drop (Heavenly Battle) So yeah, as you can see, now luck with Pyro and Girtablulu D'x (and satellite lizard, but I think those have hard drop rates for Alliance Uniform If nothing dropped from them, neither ) It'll be next time Also, If any Idea for quest to farm Girtablulus [THAT IS NOT LOST SON HOPKINS]

    Watch your bones ( luuul :onion-head65: ) hbu


  7. You lucky bastard >:[] (Just kidding xD I just love Divine Punishment so hard ) Oh, btw, Got a normal drop from Hildetorr: Ultimate Ep1 Viridia Hildetorr-> Red Saber
  8. They are seasonal drops (as In each units belong to a specific event). So to answer your question, you either wait for said events to come, or you buy them :D (Centurion Arms are like 10PDs, while Centurion Arms are like ±25DTs)
  9. Yellowboze Ep1 Ult HoD run: Delsaber -> Last Swan Merlan -> Amore Rose Purplenum Ep1 Ult Christmas Fiasco run(s): Crimson Assassin -> Magic Rock Heart Key Melqueek -> Rianov-4 Ob Lily -> Amore Rose
  10. Yellowboze drops: Ep1 Ult Crimson Assassin -> Rico's Parasol Ep1 Ult Ob Lily -> Amore Rose Ep1 Ult Dark Bringer -> Photon Drop
  11. What museum and how overvalued was It?
  12. @Larvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm banning you now (once this cigarette ends, that Is )
  13. It'll start when I say so And while I say so, I'll show @Larvathis cool card I stole from a Football championship {and ban him midways } [that Is, If he doesn't ban me first ]
  14. So what about RAmar's 259.9 max ATA points, are those 0.9 ata points not Important In the end because It doesn't complete the real number that could have been 260 because of just 0.1 ATA?
  15. I don't think It's legal to cast status effects on monsters, besides jellen zalure (unless you are a GM, who knows Episode 2 Minibosses thing Is out of the equation, of course (Huh, good question: has someone ever shocked Epsilon? =o If so, how do epsiguards behave? Do they stop releasing their elemental disease? >:D [especially megido xD])
  16. Also Include Neutron Skin's bonus 250 MST and Hylian Shield's bonus 20 MST, If possible <_> [Kind of figured my newmen has extra MST, but It's because Hylian Shield has that bonus ]
  17. Never In my life have I ever been SO OFFENDED!
  18. Goddammit Please Be Saturday, ffs :onion-head48:

    I'm tired of examns :onion116:


    1. Kotta


      I had no examns, yesterday :onion-head06:


    2. Grimoire Greys
    3. Kotta


      Tasukete! My life force.... :onion115:

      (Nieh, It's just onions :onion-head63:)

  19. @777 @applesaucin (I keep 4gettung you am sockes xD) @Saber +7 @Kotta We did It, everyone! It was rough (and worthless, If you know what I mean ), but after three (and a half ), the 4th was the charm! (And people say 3rd Is the charm ) Big shoutouts to @Saber +7. You taught us well, the path of Croacking Croccodyles Clutches (...Wait a sec, I just made that up, but It's accurate ) ______ [btw It was CCC "Cal's Clock Challenge" quest [and my body Is still trembling, tensWOIfold ]
  20. 178 [Forgot to say x0] Thankes, @serviste ( ) Thankes @serverus
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