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  1. When you enter Central Control Tower, there Is a warp to the left that takes you to 3 locations. You have to go to them 3 locations and reach the warp back to CCA. {BUTT, before going back, you have to press a terminal that Is the switch to unlock CCA, found generally around the warp back, or a room before the room with the warp back you have to repeat this process on each locations} Also have In mind that those stages are hard for one person, unless you are well prepared :"L
  2. But that Is VR Temple Whatever you gotta do to unlock CCA you gotta do It In CCA
  3. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    Not just one [Yeah sure, Saitama VS Boros Is definitely the best of the season ] ______________ Found this Dragon Ball short film, which doesn't seem related anyhow to the series, but the animation Is great o .o
  4. Kotta

    Light's Shop

    Want this Anti-Dark Mag [And you know why ]
  5. I believe only the hoster of the room does. After all, It rolls on the Hoster's ID
  6. These I got to offer Lindcray [0/0/0/0|35] 12DTs/128PDs Banana Cannon +50 [0/30/0/0|30] 12DTs/128PDs
  7. Kotta

    TKD Tradelist

    Ooooooi, I can get you these for 12DTs/1PSphere If needed
  8. sure, omw now [lucky you, I was about to take off the computer-san ] Will be logging on a certain Mic Mizer character
  9. how much for this sad silver blade
  10. Are you available now? I will be hopping on now
  11. Is this an outdated post, or this Is still a thing? Cuz honestly, I am Interested In the 10 Lanterns for 3PDs deal
  12. Aw, just went to make sure It was there, and apparently the mag has been sold already The other nidras are still available, but no pink/fuschia colored symbol. Very sorry about that
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