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Holiday Battle Tournament


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Happy Holidays!

To celibate the holiday season we'll be hosting a Battle Tournament to win A DARK FLOW!  The tournament will be using Rule Set 6.  Pairings will be posted at the end of signup on Monday, December 10th After pairings are posted, you will have 3 days to schedule and complete, and report your match.  Post here to sign up!

- Matches are to be completed using Rules Set 6
- Sign up ends at the end of day on 2018/12/9
- To sign up post in this thread
- Pairings will be posted on 2018/12/10
- Any class is allowed
- Single elimination bracket
- Swapping characters between rounds is acceptable (but not within a round)
- On first disconnection in the match, the match is to be reset.  Second dc results in a disqualification of the disconnecting party.
- Reports should include a screenshot
- Reports must be filed a maximum of 3 days (72 hours) after the round starts
- Reports should be filed by posting on this thread
- Players who fail to report their results will be disqualified
- Tournament will only fire if 16 or more participants sign up
- Dark Flow has stats 100/0/0/100|80
- Rules subject to change should unforeseen events arise


  1. Usagi
  2. Chicanna
  3. ipolyr
  4. duja1001
  5. Saber +7
  6. Quan
  7. Shoutgu
  8. Starlord
  9. C01D1
  10. swright
  11. mudkipzjm
  12. Arturoux
  13. yeyy
  14. Yasuo
  15. francisco charles charles
  16. RocketTots
  17. arkraiserx
  18. Thakugan
  19. aulmer89
  20. Lucapy
  21. ChrisNL
  22. Feebie




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1 hour ago, Arturoux said:

im in, whats rule set 6?


EDIT: I'm not in, except if there's only 15 applicants. Since I'm useless, I'd be like a free bye.

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