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  1. That’s intentional. People were getting 30/30/0/30 shots and that was kinda lame.
  2. Oops! Thanks for fixing this @R-78 and thanks for reporting it @Crank.
  3. Came out of retirement briefly to update CCC with a new version that patches an exploit I'd been working on for a long time. Special thanks to Pheonixmog, Kayak, Black Magick, Ender, Blind Tyrant, Final Score, Soly and R-78 for the technical help and advice. You should no longer be able to start the timer with buffs from Photon Blasts. This update will be live in the next few days. Post here if you encounter any problems. Good luck and have fun!
  4. I know I'm pretty late to weigh in, but I felt I should comment anyway. HoD and CCC are apples and oranges and shouldn't be directly compared to each other. They aim to provide vastly different play experiences. If you like one over the other that's cool but it doesn't mean the other is bad; just that you like the gameplay style of one more than the other. I have great respect for R-78 for being able to produce quests like HoD, even if I didn't particularly like the style of gameplay they provided. (I prefer more CCC style quests where small mistakes like player positioning and team composition matter, which is why I made it the way it is.) My answer to @Sir Rendlan's original question is to make something that you'll enjoy playing, not something that you think others will enjoy. You will need to be playtesting this quest a lot. I often ran my own quests 100+ times before I released them, and then more after release to fix problems I didn't find myself. So if you don't enjoy playing the quest, it can quickly become a chore.
  5. Happy actual birthday!

  6. Happy Holidays to all my pso friends!

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      Happy Holidays, Citrus!

  7. It really would. You should do that. Other's might even be willing to help.
  8. Another awesome banner @FALC0N! Good luck to everyone hunting!
  9. You might have some luck checking out qedit.info. I have a bunch saved on a HDD somewhere if you need a specific one. You might also check out schthack. They have an active GC online community that develops new quests that are often available for download.
  10. I just realized that I haven't logged on in quite some time (>1yr).  If you've lent me an item that you might want back, please let me know and I'll return it.

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      If you got any of those lemondrops or lemonheads left 👌

  11. Updated to v1.14. The change log in the opening post has been updated to reflect the changes. Please check the quest description to determine if the new version is live.
  12. Good eye, I will do this tonight after work.
  13. It's cool to see other players creating new missions. Congratulations on your first quest!
  14. Updated to v1.04 - Fixed a bug where if a player DCed the next area would never start. Afaik this version is not live, so look for the version number in the quest description before you play. EDIT: This version is now live
  15. If I remember correctly you can edit client side exp (the little purple number that pops up) with load_enemy_data and get_physical_data. But this is a horrible idea as it can cause server desync since the server doesn't parse the qasm and won't make that change. If you want an example I believe I still have a version of TTT that tried this. Drops are handled entirely by the server. This wouldn't be something a quest designer can do, Soly would have to do it. This also doesn't handle the fact that the pso client doesn't load more than 1 episode's worth of monster stats\ai per game. So even if you removed drops and exp you'd be fighting Kondi with Dragon's stats and AI, which as you can imagine, can mess up a lot of things.
  16. These seem like good changes. Congrats on figuring out the Vol Opt bug, that one has been a plague on our community for a long time.
  17. If you PM me I can send you a plug-and-play test server, though it won't work for multiplayer, which it seems you want to do.
  18. Economy is messed up already, so don't worry too much about that. On the note of quality, make sure it doesn't break itself. Players shouldn't be able to get trapped, nor should their clients crash. Other than that, make it feel coherent and intuitive when playing. It's important to remember that the vast majority of players will run your quest at most once, so try and make things as obvious as possible. Keep in mind what parts of the game are enjoyable and what parts are a drag and capitalize on the enjoyable parts and cut the boring parts. For example, if you're putting a switch down a 2-3 room dead end, have mobs spawn on the way back after the switch is flipped. I would also recommend keeping in mind how long the quest is. Quests tend to start dragging around the 30 minute mark, so keeping it fresh and interesting, or short and sweet is important. Feel free to send me a PM if you are serious and want some resources to help you get started, or just need some help. Good luck!
  19. Read the guide first: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/26156-how-to-build-a-custom-quest/ These video tutorials are meh, but help show the process: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6209-pso-qedit-video-tutorials/ Great source for pasm: https://qedit.info/index.php?title=Main_Page If you want to dive deeper into the abyss, this link is all about the programming behind pso: http://sharnoth.com/psodevwiki/ I PMed you a link to download a starter kit.
  20. Only players are effected by laser gates. Monsters can pass right through them. Also as far as I know, laser gates do not render on boss floors, but I've never tried. EDIT: You might be able to do something like this to freeze gameplay during the death animations. I've never tried though so I can't guarantee it'll work. Not sure if 0xF829 updates on kill assists and enemies you didn't assist in killing. There might be a better opcode for this. 10: // Floor handler for boss (0xF829) get_player_kills R1, R250 // get the number of enemies killed let R2, R1 // set initial monsters killed count thread_stg 100 // Start loop, but only for this map ret // exit the floor handler 100: // our main loop sync // wait 1 frame (this prevents freezing) (0xF829) get_player_kills R1, R250 // get the number of enemies killed jmp_= R1, R2, 100 // if we haven't killed a boss since last loop, keep waiting. let R2, R1 // update bosses killed counter freeze_everything // stop everything call 101 // wait for animation to finish unfreeze_everything // open play back up jmp 100 // keep waiting 101: // Syncs to wait duration of death animation // 30 * sec_of_animation ret
  21. Lemon

    B> PGF

    I now can afford 45dts, if anyone was on the fence.
  22. Since drops are determined server side, the source code wouldn't be the problem. The problem would be coming up with 2-3x drops for each mob that wouldn't mess up the economy. This is the kind of change that would have to happen early on in a server's lifecycle, and I think Ultima is too far past this point for it to be a reasonable change to make.
  23. Lemon

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    Looking to purchase a PGF if someone finds an extra. Looking to pay about 45dts.
  24. I can't see this fact changing even if rates are increased during events though. And realistically, this just means that the event drop rates will be coded as twice as hard as previous. People nag for happy hours even when it's already on.
  25. I really like the Inverter item. It could add some really interesting dynamics to game play. The rest aren't of interest to me personally. The dual cure units would be cool, except none of those combinations are things I would ever need. I think that you'd need to team up with Soly to get some statistics on which cure units are in players inventories together and try and do your mappings based on that data. The new difficulty seems interesting, but also extremely hard to implement. And I kind of agree with @Saber +7 here in that people don't really want harder game play. And here I speak from experience. CAL's Clock Challenge, Power Plant Plight, and The Tentacular Truth's challenge mode were all created as a way to give players a difficult challenge. Something harder than what already existed. And they are not heavily played at all. So while I agree that new styles of game play would be cool, I don't think this is worth the effort it would require.
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