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  1. Items disappeared

    I was just playing yesterday had my DM 35 hit 100 abeast and 100 dark with some 100 Dark PR35 hit rico's c/b and other things. now they are all gone please help. Char's name is ed elric and guild card number is 42147941
  2. Farewell for now

    Alright Itchy I understand I hope to see and hear from you again. It was great meeting you and I'll always owe you for helping me with the craptop I used to use. I'm always on discord if you wanna talk - Flarring
  3. Live stream on youtube will be doing some almost every day 


    You asked me to keep an item for you.

    When will you call me? :)

    1. Ana G.5

      Ana G.5

      It seems impolite to me that you have not answered me.

      After you asked me to keep the Master Sword.

      There was no problem if you were not going to buy it, but you should have the courtesy to tell me that you would not buy it, do not you think? :)

  5. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    I'm with ya man. #BringBackNoob/HpHeartContainerIsPointless
  6. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Ready to redeem bronze and silver badges :3 thanks for this event!
  7. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Ready to redeem my bronze
  8. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    Virus Shield Vol Opt very hard YELLOWBOZE ep 1 vol opt
  9. Common Bank

    GC: 42147941 Time: I don't really know the exact time but I know it was somewhere between 5:00-8:00 pacific standard time This is what happened I was grabbing my noob/hps from my bank. I tried to grab the 4th one and dced when I came back it was gone.
  10. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    im in racast 142 humar 187 fonewm 121 all have good gear not the best but good.
  11. Living Pinata - Mini event

    ill join lol sounds like alot of fun