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  1. Even though the title is subjective, but is there anything unique besides the 250 mat count that makes the humar stand out amongst other classes hugs? :"L
  2. 550dts, not going higher, take it or leave it hugs :"L.
  3. would anyone be willing to offer a 100hit berserk or charge vulcans for 10+ spheres? hugs?
  4. LTB a Panzer Faust with hit :"L Hugs ❤️
  5. About 6-7 years ago, when I started my pso career on ultima, I was told the offer was high as 550+ DTs
  6. Patrick Bell

    777 :")

    777 I tried to send you a msg but your inbox is full :")
  7. Arrest Booster is what I'm waiting for next event xO
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