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  1. 300 and some hugs :"L
  2. LTB a Panzer Faust with hit :"L Hugs ❤️
  3. About 6-7 years ago, when I started my pso career on ultima, I was told the offer was high as 550+ DTs
  4. Patrick Bell

    777 :")

    777 I tried to send you a msg but your inbox is full :")
  5. Arrest Booster is what I'm waiting for next event xO
  6. Seems as though Ultimas numbers are dwindling, is the day of reckoning coming for Ultima? can it be saved? is it just me? just a thought :"L
  7. Make S Rank weapons great again if they ever were :"L
  8. Won't have to much time to play anymore because of upcoming semester hugs :"L
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