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  1. That was an actual concern. I edited the post for vulgarity, Coming from u Wilson thats alot
  2. hayyy requote that without the f*cking
  3. Are we supposed to be graciously thankful for this? I mean, like...i joke around and use named like IRS, Taxes, and Monsanto but thats not cool. I feel like this is exaclty the same as the issue in America right now. Take our taxes, take the taxes we overpay, and return nothing. We were given a big potato chip, you promised another one and didnt even give us flavoured crumbs. it WOULDNT be an issue if the OWNER of the server didnt make a PROMISE. A mans word is all he has.
  4. What happened to the promise that our Noob/HP would be something useful? Or was that just another lie
  5. 60 iron frast that got stolen? She quit like a year ago or more
  6. im in, whats rule set 6?
  7. B> pow mats, I need a stack.

    1. Starlord


      I might have one in bank somewhere. When I get home I’ll let you know. 

    2. Arturoux
  8. Fire rod needs a buff. It's a hard drop on an event and nobody uses it. Why? Because it sucks. Could we up the range and/or ATP to make it viable? How about if the "fire" rod boosted foie? Anything. It's a waste of a drop on the tables as is. Look around. Is ANYONE using one? I see GaeBolgs being used more.
  9. I'll run you through ROCT to learn the spawns and whatnot, we game enough just ask when I'm online. Ur not a scrub broski
  10. S> Post 7 dts


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