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  1. Holiday Battle Tournament

    im in, whats rule set 6?
  2. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    That isn't bad...
  3. B> pow mats, I need a stack.

    1. Starlord


      I might have one in bank somewhere. When I get home I’ll let you know. 

    2. Arturoux
  4. Happy Hours Alert!

    Pic given freely for lurking purposes
  5. Ya....but you also use -5% hit for fun too
  6. Fire rod needs a buff. It's a hard drop on an event and nobody uses it. Why? Because it sucks. Could we up the range and/or ATP to make it viable? How about if the "fire" rod boosted foie? Anything. It's a waste of a drop on the tables as is. Look around. Is ANYONE using one? I see GaeBolgs being used more.
  7. Can’t receive pms 

  8. I'll run you through ROCT to learn the spawns and whatnot, we game enough just ask when I'm online. Ur not a scrub broski
  9. S> Post 7 dts


  10. Same, I find myself VERY busy during xmas. So....the time I DID have I spent farming when I could. 2 STA's last event going literally 3 days without a break......Im a 2 year player and I traded a full set of gear from a Ranger, Force and Hunter to get my first Dark Weapon. I hear what your saying, I do....but big changes to drops/items that control an entire server could very well DESTROY said server.
  11. I'm Ready to buy when you're ready where can we meet?  

    1. Arturoux


      Block 2 in 3 min, trade room

    2. velorious


      ok whats your charectors name?

      im crimson see you thier

    3. Arturoux


      Arturoux, same name

  12. Hit Me With A Hit Event... Event!

    hey, you can always not sleep for 2 days straight wearing a diaper and run it non stop and see what happens....that was just my way. to each their own
  13. Hit Me With A Hit Event... Event!

    This. I'm all for a hit event, but (1) I think it too close to 2 BIG events and (2) when everyone is bitching about DAR and boss drops and everything else why the hell should all y'all be rewarded?
  14. T> 0\50\45\0 BC for similar HOJ

    1. Moiy Sanchez
    2. MadOrNah


      Hand of Justice. It's one of the new weapons.

    3. Moiy Sanchez
  15. Hello

    seems like theres a few of us from AZ, nice 240 btw