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Mock GM Election!


Mock GM Election!  

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:cr-magic-right:~Mock~ GM Election!:cr-magic-left:

a GM for the people...

Greetings fellow Ultima players ^^

My name is Silver. Why?? Because gold is overrated, of course! But enough about me…

Today is a very cool day, because we the people get to pick a new GM! How, you ask?? Well, by holding an election! Oh, what’s that? Yes, yes, I mean a Mock Election. >.> Details…

This is a great opportunity for you, yes YOU, to speak up! Everyone’s Vote and Candidate Suggestion is welcome, although there are some rules and things to watch out for. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you??

This is how it works; you can:

     a - Submit a Candidate Suggestion up for consideration.

     b - Vote for your favorite Candidate!

That’s it! That’s all!

*Note to Players: To keep this civil and manufacture the best outcome possible please do your best to follow the rules. I will be the one that ultimately accepts or disregards Candidate Suggestions, although I will have a small cabinet of friends who will remain nameless, that I will go to for advice, if needed. Do keep in mind I will try my best as well to be partial and just to the best of my abilities, but I will not tolerate known scammers or bad/rude players as Candidates. As this election progresses I’ll be trying to optimize the rules and qualities as I deem necessary. I am not infallible, ergo I am not bound by the parameters of perfection ideal for such an endeavor, and could make some logical mistakes. Concordantly, please feel free to bring those to my attention on this post or via pm so I can analyze and correct if necessary. Vis-à-vis.  

*Note to Candidates: Once you are Suggested as a Candidate, I will get in contact with you. You must then let me know if you accept or decline the candidacy. Only after you accept will I add you to the poll.

*Note to GMs: You can comment, but are not allowed to Vote or make a Candidate Suggestion. If you do so regardless of the rules, then your vote or suggestion will not be taken into consideration, as this is an election to determine a GM by the people and for the people, meaning only we the people can actively participate. To all GMs, please do try your best to avoid derailing or undermining this election in any way, though good-hearted advice is always welcome. If you do have an issue with this grand event however, feel free to pm me or take it up to Larva, but do not post your issue here; you will be ignored. Do not lock this topic, it is a topic for the people where your opinions are ultimately irrelevant. I will do so in your stead if I believe it has gone down an incorrigible path.

Quote from a friend: “Well a GM for the people understands the people because he is one of these 'average Joe ordinary people his/herself”

                                                                                                                                                                                             -Ragol99, October 2017.:onion-head21:


#1 - @Misombre

Campaign Speech: *As a GM, my first action will be to lose my humanity and become a Hucaseal. Becoming partially emotionless, I'll be able to deal with any kind of behavior and keep my cool. At the same time, it will sphere my efficiency as well as my availability by 127%. Let me clear the path for you, I can guarantee you it'll be devoid of trap.*

#2 - @anthonyplays

Campaign Speech: *Thank you @Crucial for the nomination

Anthony-"The People's GM"-plays, here to tell you a little about myself: I've been on the server almost two years, been a leader of Team Speedstar so I learned a lot from @Shiva@TripleR @Sabrina@thelionorion @radezz@mudkipzjm and now somehow ended up with the great bunch at Team Killswitch.

"Ask not what Ultima server can do for you, but what you can do for Ultima server" but seriously the server is what you make of it, so I'd want to better the community and keep things fun, refreshing, and keep old and new players involved.

And most importantly, Praise Humar and dw*

#3 - @R-78

Campaign Speech: *

  • Although I rarely appear in Lobby 01, I am active and easy to get in touch with
  • I do really like to help people (just like my idol, the former queen @Cyane) and give them fun (the main reason why I made quests for Ultima)
  • As I like this community, I wish that Ultima lasts long and will do my best not to let it fall*

#4 - @Ricardo Gomes

Campaign Speech: *

1) give a permanent ban to patrick Bell, once and for all ( yes, the ban is permanent )

2) make a price for all items in donations list( larva must be nag alot)*

#5 - @Sentor

Campaign Speech: *

- I am going to lower the price some deodorant

- I have a good experience in the game , I shall be delighted to help people

- And i love Ultima ( not more than @Aime'hem, @mudkipzjm, @R-78, and my wife @TripleR )*

#6 - @mudkipzjm

Campaign Speech: *

1.) I took inspiration to get good at this game from people like Sylph, Under9000, Izaya, and I'm always looking for ways I can improve even more.

2.) I'm pretty active, even when not on the server, I can be reached through other means.

3.) I promise mandatory dw praise sessions every 3rd Friday in lobby 1.*


Qualities: These are the things. Qualities that a GM for the people should ideally have. There is no perfect GM, but the closer the person is to these qualities, the better:

A. Kind and respectful above all

B. Always willing and able to help if online

C. Is knowledgeable PSO wise to a certain capacity

D. Will side with the one who is in the right, not with what the other GMs go along with

E. Is a well-rounded good, fair, and honest individual

F. Strong troubleshooting abilities

G. Is hard working and willing to get his hands dirty or stand up to Larva or other GMs when something they do or say is wrong or unjust

H. They don't need to be a good player as it pertains to the game mechanics. Just a decent enough one, as long as they are a good person.

I. They must stand up for the people or community provided he believes them to be in the right.

J. They will do everything in their power to make things better for everyone, not just their buddies or a select few individuals.

K. They are welcoming to new players and supportive of regular ones alike.

L. Always answer questions to the best of their abilities whenever online in the capacity of GM. Never ever ignore people.

M. Always available for redeeming when online.

N. Treats everyone equally or as close to it as possible.

O. Is not required to do mini events, but will do what he/she can to see to it that there are more frequent ones.

P. They will look at all the issues in game and attempt to remedy them to bolster and improve this community. 

Q. They will have zero tolerance for toxic people or greedy players. These kinds of players ruin communities in games far too often.

R. They will take command as is needed, but in a non-aggressive, non-rude manner.



1.     Only one Candidate Suggestion per person. Think well on this, because it will be final. If you make a second suggestion, only the first one will be counted,      even if the post is edited.

2.     Known scammers, current or previous GMs or Mods, and bad/rude players are ineligible as Candidates. Suggestions for any of the above will be ignored.

3.     You are welcome to make your case along with your Candidate Suggestion, and tell everyone why you think he’d make a great GM for the people.

4.     Please serious suggestions and no unnecessary comments or drama.

5.     The voting will start once there are a minimum of 5 Candidates.

6.     There is no limit of Candidates.

7.     Once a Candidate has been accepted he cannot be disqualified except by his request.

8.     Once a Candidate accepts the candidacy he must submit a brief statement of what are his intentions as a GM for the people. This shouldn't be longer than 3 sentences. It will be posted along his name in this post.

9.     You cannot recommend yourself as a Candidate, but you can vote for yourself.

10.   The Mock GM Election will end on November 30th at 12pm EDT (whatever that means)

11.  Just to be perfectly clear: there is no prize for winning this election, except the honor of carrying the hope of the players of this server upon your mock broad shoulders.

12.  There will be no re-election.

13.  Your vote will be public.

14.  Limit date for making a Candidate Suggestion: November 20th, 2017.

15.  In case of a tie between 2 or more candidates, I will get in contact with the candidates and together with my cabinet (composed of an odd number of members) and the candidates, make a closed vote to determine the winner.

16.  I reserve the right to change the rules and qualities as I deem necessary or appropriate, with a promise on my honor to do so impartially and justly.

17.  I reserve the right to lock down the topic if it goes down an incorrigible path of drama. Hoping we keep all our opinions friendly and respectful so this doesn’t happen.

18.  I reserve the right to vote for the Candidate of my preference.

19.  I hereby recuse myself as a Candidate for this Mock GM Election.

Let this be a fun experience for everyone ^^

Have fun and vote away! :onion-head11:

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Sounds fun.  I'd have to give this some thought. 

Being a GM comes with a lot of power.  An important quality of a good GM is that they don't abuse that power, and that's what makes the selection process so hard.  I look forward to seeing people's nominations and reasoning.


(Also Quality M and your note to GMs are kinda BS.)

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Uh, why am I not in that list? Ultima does need a GM that's a strong feminist IMO. I'm sure my boys will back me up on this one. I would make an amazing GM. <3

Foiexx for GM Agenda:

1) Ban all the unfun people of Ultima. [Colorado Wilson, CliveFrog, Brii, etc]

2) Turn every character into a female character

I'll add more to my agenda when I can think of more stuff.

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39 minutes ago, foiexx said:

Uh, why am I not in that list? Ultima does need a GM that's a strong feminist IMO. I'm sure my boys will back me up on this one. I would make an amazing GM. <3

Foiexx for GM Agenda:

1) Ban all the unfun people of Ultima. [Colorado Wilson, CliveFrog, Brii, etc]

2) Turn every character into a female character

I'll add more to my agenda when I can think of more stuff.

He said no voting on oneself but ohmai you’d really ban unfun people o.O

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Just now, Sir Rendlan said:

He said no voting on oneself but ohmai you’d really ban unfun people o.O

I am here to defy the rules of this GM Election, lul.

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foiexx has been disqualified in the most feminist way possible :cr-magic-left:

C'mon guys lets see some Candidate Suggestions! Who knows what repercussions this may have..?:onion-head49:

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4 hours ago, holo_the_wolf said:

i would love to get in on this action as well :D where is the sign up :3

please read the rules, my dear :3 <3

4 hours ago, anthonyplays said:

People struggle to read thoroughly and understand your directions lmao... 

Anyways I nominate @Misombre

Need more Euro GMs, I like all his mini events in the first place, and always helping out when he can

XD yes! we have our first nomination!! ty Ban!

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Please don't vote for Dark Falz, he was my deer friend a long time ago, but he very soon discovered that I was no good for him, so we had to break up. We'll probably meat again in another room Ð:

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