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  1. Did you install the full setup one? As well did you add the exceptions to windows defender? When you launch the game do you get a small box that does 2 loading bars and then had another small box that says start game options and so on?
  2. Yeah that’s true I suppose. I use a ranger so I have to use a trap because of knock back issues. But for someone with a vjaya or I suppose I could with my ultima repear I could get the same results Knock back with iron fost can be terrible at times however I do put the ice trap on there spawn animation as well and center myself and once they drop it’s a rip for them
  3. Ice trap and IF do be kinda nice tho for this to make it faster. If you have a different method I am interested in it.
  4. another possible command you may find useful are /changename /bank /dropstyle 1 /find *GC number* /ignore *GC number* /killcount *for unlocking/unsealing weapons/items* /lobby *yeets yourself out of a quest* /map *can be somewhat useful* /roominfo /roomgcs /setname *change room name* /setpass *change room pass* /vol all, # or can be done as /vol sfx, # or /vol bgm, # the , needs to be there
  5. @ProgrammingFlaw first of all I love the Alan walker signature second there is actually a mini game quest or two idr the names but they do exist.
  6. to me your section ID shouldn’t be all over the place it should be grouped. But that’s my opinion.
  7. Can we please keep this neat and organized... It shouldn't be a mess like it has been This list does include the last few posts. If you want to edit this list yourself you should be able to do so by copying and pasting this into Evernote and it should automatically configure it the way it is. Adding rows to Evernote is incredibly easy. If not I will continue to update this. This list for events should be sorted out by Section ID first, then Difficulties, then the episode. This way it is easy and readable and you are not skimming through a whole bunch of other stuff a
  8. From what I remember and what I know of Tethella the drop charts is literally a read and write system. If that makes sense. Say for the forest; iirc theres like 32 boxes? this is the example of the drop rate table Box 1: 1/300 (chance) then item iirc it was off of a item code that was hex code; I could be inccorect in this. But it was weird how they had this set up. As well as drop rates for enemies; Booma 1/300 item. DAR I dont know too much about other then it is a "Drop anything rate" xD for the DAR to try and work with the setup drop table for the game it is impossible?
  9. From prior pso say like gc and offline you would have to finish all quests. Once a quest is finished you cant go back into it until all are done. So as far as that goes yes. But as far as ultima I'm not sure. I haven't spent much time on single player on the server. Some maps in online will lock you due to the game encouraging multiplayer. The locks are set this way for teamwork. There are some locks in all 4 corners of the room sometimes in random places depending on the quest and who made it. No. Ultima staff come up with the drop rates for an item when they make the event ready
  10. Towards the Future, Also fastest way to Olga Flow is World of Illusion or if the teams good enough in knowing sea beds that's a good option You need photon spheres. Best way is get 99 pds then do ep 2 gallon shop quest What class are you? And what's your DFP? It all depends on that. Well you'll need a PPP mag. You could ask Jade. But antidote/antiparalysis will level dex. Then pow is dimate and trimates but usually the best way is to use a mag cell. Certain mag cells make it so that it won't do too much in something. The majority of your feeding will be counterac
  11. Do you have windows 7? Grill long time no see:> I would retry downloading the game. Then in your antivirus make an exception to PsoBB folder and all of its contentents. After that you should be fine. As far as weapon stats maybe they weren't as you remembered them. Nothing changes on the game. I can attest to that. There was a good 5 or so years I didnt play and everything was the same.
  12. Hey. So a few things. The game account login and forum account login are 2 seperate entities. As well the email recovery is currently down. I am sure the account is still there. This came from Soly.
  13. So the DM special attack, the beam attack, is a piercing AOE (Area of Effect) attack. Iron Faust and Bomb Chu is a idk if this is correct but a repeating explosion attack that's how it gets it range, or it just has that range of explosion, however Iron Faust ik can pierce persay. And using GiZonde it is kinda the same but it wants to find a target so it hits vol opt. I do about 1,000 dmg per hit with iron Faust and my dark meteor. DM likes to auto target the pillars that pop up so I use iron Faust usually. I've seen people also use Banana Cannon and Cannon Rouge. How you make the a
  14. I had a conversation with Fyrewolf (Saith) about it. He said it was broken, but this was a few weeks ago on the test server. Maybe it's now fixed? Or the items are different between the servers.
  15. Jack-O-Lanterns are items you can get from them, you just take it and use it and it have items. Cell of MAG 213 Cell of MAG 502 Heart of Chu Chu Heart of Opa Opa Heart of Kapu Kapu Heart of Chao Parts of RoboChao Heart of Pian Pioneer Parts Halo Soul
  16. In order to change the team icon you must be the team leader, then you need I think a 32x32 or 64x64 idr the exact size png to be saved as a flag.bng or team.bnv iirc don't quote me, look in your psobb file. Then when you have that go to the desk in the lobby, team, change flag I think. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  17. Larva; you, @Fyrewolf5, me ttf?;p

  18. If you look far back enough in the forums you will find them. They're not always the same. Typically near the end of the event the GMs will release the rates. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. I would but I have to leave for work soon q.q but you could also message the forums chatbox and discord to get a possible faster response:)
  20. I have been playing this game for many years. To damn long in fact. Time to turn in my Hunters License to Principle Tyrell and leave, farewell to all. I want to thank some individuals for playing with me, and listening to me and the fun memories I had here. These will be short for I could write a book but I am wanting to mention these people. @Fyrewolf5 Thank you for remembering who I was after not having been played in a long ass time xD it was always fun, and challenging for those tower runs hahaha (I suck ass at it). I also thank @mudkipzjm, @Zow, @Lemon, @PSOAddict for all
  21. with your laptop you won’t be able too:/ erm if anything you can use hypercam that’s be the easiest one for your computer to handle but anything else it will overload it
  22. @MadOrNah is this the christian that owned your account before? or something like that.
  23. finally after years<33333333333 pso1511452360.bmp
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