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Yesterday we added some new quests. the majority of this quests are developed by users. Credit to them for developing this quests. I can already say that World of Illusion its a super fun quest to play XD.

here a list of the new quest. If there's any error in the quests please report it in the bug sections. Thanks.


For the Lost E2 quests, Lee scripted those and SEGA scripted the Lost E4 quests as well, since we're talking about credits.

Lost Chaos Calibur uses script from one of the Lost VR quests, and Lost Heart Breaker uses script from Lost Devil's Scepter (both scripted by Lee).

Both Lost E4 use Lost Heat Sword's script, which is by SEGA.


El dia de ayer agregamos algunas nuevas y old school quests. Estas quests son desaroyadas/creadas por diferentes usuarios, no conosco a todos pero gracias por hacerlas publicas. Disfruten de estas nuevas quest, yo de antemano puedo decir que World of Illusion relamente es una quest muy divertida y entretenida. Si encuentran algun error con las quests oh bug por favor reportenlo en la seccion de bugs gracias.

  • /ULTIMA/
  • Science Project
  • Spring Cleaning
  • /vr/
  • xmas catastrophe (Aleron Ives or scht related)


  • /SIDE/


  • Tian's Montreaux
  • Lost Heart Breaker - GuardianGirth
  • Lost Chaos Calibur - GuardianGirth
  • /Ultima/
  • World of Illusion
  • Random Attack Xrd Stage - Namakemono


  • /ULTIMA/
  • Lost Master Blaster - GuardianGirth
  • Lost Son Hopkins - GuardianGirth
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ok just wanted to put credit to the rightful authors. When sending these quests to larva the authors asked if they could take credit so:

Random Attack Xrd Stage - Namakemono

Lost Quests - GuardianGirth

and i think all the others are rikapso quests not too sure.


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TTF ultima?? How is it different from TTF?

It's the same basic set up, but there are more enemies that spawn. Everyone should try it out c:

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Sooo... muuuch... baraaanzs... *die*

But yeah I can understand that this quest is temporary, for TTF Ultima is really good on many hunt including : hidelbears, lilies, govulmers, meelqueecks, baranz, etc.

I don't recommend to play it solo, it can be hard sometime, especially for humar/hunewearl and probably ramar, ramarl as well.

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Here are some things i reconized during a few quests:

Science Project - 100% working, Quest complete
Spring Cleaning - some of the doors are working after a looooong time.
- the quest is only for 4 player, cause i got stuck in the cave since i needed a second player to proceed. that means in the ruins could be, that u need 4 Players.
- some of the monsters apearing is like flying out of the ground in the air and back down.
Xmas Catastrophe - 100% working, Quest complete
Soul of Steel - 100% working, Quest complete
Tian's Montreaux - During Boss Fight with Gal, u cant fix ur camera. Also the camera is zoomed in.
- After i pressed all the buttons in the mountain area and uses the teleporter back down to the ground from a higher place, then i cant aim anymore to even hit monsters. only techs are working here. Until i reach the Gibbles, then it works again.(maybe its just a one time bug)
- After completing the quest, there is Galan the android walking against ada (the elenor look-a-like) which looks kinda weird.
- After completing the quest, the Force down the stairs is still acting like its in the middle of the night while all others talk like its in the morning.
Lost Heart Breaker- 100% working, Quest complete

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