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  1. Dark meteor, all bullets should pierce like the special, and change it to a black color. Only rangers and fonewearls and humars can use it.
  2. SOV - astark - purplenum ep 4
  3. b> razonde lvl 15-25, any level, x5

    1. Andrew


      still need that Razonde? (lvl 20)

  4. photon booster - bringer - ult - virid
  5. Yes and it was me, and I stated when I said it that it was a delbiter or gibbles but I was guessing gibbles since that makes more sense. I stated it, it was me.
  6. I have no reason to lie that I found it on an astark, and all these banners for glide should give some indicator that these are in fact, true.
  7. then its delbiter
  8. dress plate epsilon skyly ult
  9. ricos parasol skyly gibbles ylu
  10. Glide v00 astark oran ep 4 ult
  11. redria ult ep 1 crimson assassin - rambling may melqeek (caves monster) - angel harp nq lilly - great boquet (spelling)
  12. ETA on the end of the event?
  13. b> 100 hp mats b> 13 luck mats

  14. b> 125 hp mats B> 120 pow mats b> 36 luck mats