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  1. I don't remember if I have suggested this before, but it comes up every single time in my mind HH is on. Can we get telepipes to stack to at least x20? It isn't game-breaking or giving others an advantage over another. Running out of pipes normally isn't an issue, but during HH you want to keep as much uptime hunting and running to the shop to buy pipes can make the difference between not having enough time for another run and getting one last run in. For example, TTF requires that I need 12 pipes per HH, and that's not using speedrun strats. For example today, end of HH and I don't have pipes
  2. well thanks to the event being extended for no reason, and hh being turned on as my event was going to start only 5 people showed up. and only 4 participated. this was the exact thing I was trying to avoid by making the event after the server event. don't know if I'll do another pgf event, we'll see grats to the winners
  3. this weekend is my mini pgf event, starting friday 20:30/8:30PM

  4. PGF mini event is this weekend, Friday at 8:30 EST, block 2

  5. PGF mini event NEXT (29th) weekend, enter at 


  6. 2nd PGF mini-event starting Sep 29th enter here 


  7. new pgf mini event, want to win it? enter here 


  8. Ryu's PGF Event part duex Are you anticipating the upcoming halloween/anni/christmas event and wanting to hunt those rare items, but wish you had a DM/DF to make the hunting easier? WELL ITS ABOUT TIME MY EVENT CAME AROUND TO FIX THAT PROBLEM. it's going to be different this time. Instead of what I wanted, another TA event (I can hear you boo'ing your monitor), someone suggested battle. So I thought about it and i'm ok with it. I got this game on release day when it came to the US and I was only 12. I LOVED the battle rule 6, on the spaceship and its some of my best memories of my li
  9. You need to update your list. Viridia pyro goran does not drop GFS 100%. Just wasted my time on that shit
  10. red ring dark falz whitill ult ep 1, so normal drop
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