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  1. ?
  2. you said you wanted it hard, your team is the challenge that everyone is against lol
  3. lol im good buddy Nah that's what the purple rule is for, to prevent amazing c mode players from winning all 3 by partnering up with someone else
  4. I know, but 2c5 was like wtf @ the ill gil with just 2 players and that would gate a lot of other players from wanting to do it imo, just trying to make it as fair as possible lol
  5. PGF mini event has been posted 


  6. Ryu's PGF Mini-Event Welcome to my PGF mini event. Back in December I found a crap ton of PGFs as i'm sure most of you saw a crap ton of my banners and started swearing me out as my name flashed across your screen. Well, using all my free time I wanted to hunt a crap ton of PGFs not just for me, but so I could host a mini event and give one away. Yes, I am not completely selfish! It's amazing! I want to state this right off the bat, no sugarcoating it, it's not going to be easy whatsoever. There will be many talented people already I know who are going to be doing it. I took 2 weeks to think of the most fair thing that I can provide so no one can abuse OP weapons like dark weapons or STA and make it even A COMPLETE BEGINNER has a "chance" if they put in the time. And that's whats going to make this event hard, is the amount of time required to win. But hey, that's what you have to put in to get in an actual PGF drop from Olga Flow anyways. Right about now you are wondering "what do I have to do to win this PGF?!?!?!?! I won't be able to get one at a reasonable price anymore, and I can't hunt until December which is so far away!". Well I chose the most fair thing I could think of, Challenge Mode. Some of you might think that this still doesn't level the playing field because some people know the tricks and yada yada yada. While that sentiment is completely true, I can not think of a more fair and balanced than starting off at level 1 with the same items as everyone else. I also chose Challenge Mode because of what I love about PSO the most, TIME ATTACK!!! Everything I do, I try and do it as fast as possible. TTF? I am still trying to beat my 10'40 dual log every single time I do TTF. Hunting STA? I want to beat my 8min30s run to the boss, it's my favorite thing to do in PSO along with hunting rares. Now i'm imposing on whoever enters this Mini Event to do Time Attack for the BEST rare item, my two favorite things. You will be doing Challenge mode in Episode 2. Mission 2c2 to be exact. RULES This will be ONLY 2 people. AKA 2 people MAX. Chose your best friend, bribe a good player that isn't TripleR (he'll hold you back), perform favors of a certain kind to others to help you with this. REPLY TO THIS POST OF WHO IS ENTERING, YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS NAME. NO DOUBLE DIPPING, SYLPH ONLY GETS ONE PARTNER (lol if they enter) If you want to withdrawl and partner with someone else whos not teamed up, post a new reply, do not edit original post One person will have to provide video evidence VIA stream vod, uploaded too youtube, or any other video hosting site. This is so I know you two were the only two the entire time, and you didn't have 3-4 people and people left last minute so only 2 people are in the screen shot for the final time. The event starts May 12th 2017 and ends June 15th 2017, lots and lots of time. NO HACKING (why do I even have to say it lol) If I feel there needs to be more rules I will add them. I can't think of everything and if something valid comes up that should be added I have the right to do so. REWARDS (WOOOO!) FIRST PLACE: 1 PGF (duh) and 50 dts each SECOND PLACE: 75 dts each THIRD PLACE: 50 dts each MAPS TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T USE GOOGLE THESE MAPS ARE IN ORDER THE FLOORS ARE IN. MISC If you have any questions, concerns, ask here or PM me, i'll probably reply faster in a PM but ask here if it's beneficial for everyone to know the answer too. Also post if I missed something stupid like I did my last event. Multiple submissions are allowed if you beat your own time, but will be closed at 11:59 PM EST on June 15th. You can just post a screen shot and post it to the thread as a submission, but the top 3 winners will need video proof of their run.
  7. Dark meteor, all bullets should pierce like the special, and change it to a black color. Only rangers and fonewearls and humars can use it.
  8. SOV - astark - purplenum ep 4
  9. b> razonde lvl 15-25, any level, x5

    1. Andrew


      still need that Razonde? (lvl 20)

  10. photon booster - bringer - ult - virid
  11. Yes and it was me, and I stated when I said it that it was a delbiter or gibbles but I was guessing gibbles since that makes more sense. I stated it, it was me.
  12. I have no reason to lie that I found it on an astark, and all these banners for glide should give some indicator that these are in fact, true.
  13. then its delbiter
  14. dress plate epsilon skyly ult
  15. ricos parasol skyly gibbles ylu