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  1. its dependant on where you are. i generally use STA for tower/megid things, but godrics for almost anything else. (for fomar)
  2. you cant get a sato with those stats unless custom (like event or DTs)
  3. https://imgur.com/a/BI0KKk9 https://imgur.com/a/9R1Qs94 https://imgur.com/a/BeRy8XG https://imgur.com/a/NxJiPsF https://imgur.com/a/oLNUURP all the good 1's i found during the event, grinding was worth.
  4. Redria - Ultimate - Ep4 - Kondrieu - Cent/Abil
  5. v501 - whitill - ult - ep4 - merissa A (pink) (normal drop)
  6. Girtablulululululul - Greenill - Ultimate - ep4: mg+ (normal drop)
  7. b> 218 mind mats 10:1


  8. Normal Drops: Ep4 Ult skyly: merissa AA: flamberge Pyro goran: revival cuirass goran deto: v502 zu: morning prayer
  9. buy this mans 100s pls ok ty.
  10. thank you v much i was trying it earlier before they found it and didnt have luck, glad they confirmed it. and i can solo it lol. im sure whitill gibbles is better rate though.
  11. Normal Drop: yamigurasu - whitill - ult ep2 - ill gill
  12. i dont think anyones looking. im down to hunt it if you want to, everyones looking for SB, BC, and MS. no one wants to hunt FR (except me) or GFS
  13. the one i killed was the green crystal one, which i believe is Death Gunner.
  14. did he mean death gunner? or i meant death gunner. idk. pretty sure it was the green one.
  15. Whitill - Dark Gunner - Ultimate - Cent/Resist
  16. Whitill ep1 Ult Delsaber : Sacred Bow
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