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  1. Amore Rose - Purplenum Ult Merlan (ep1)
  2. This seems kinda interesting... I'll sign up with the 3 qualifying weapons I own... Jizai, Sange, and Orotiagito.
  3. Thank you, Cyane and Mio! I love these events.
  4. B> YAS9k 2 PD's, blank is fine

  5. S> Cent/Battle 100PDs, for event only

    1. Sabrina


      ill buy it 100 pds 

    2. Ardh2005


      Sold, ty Sabrina.

  6. I don't have a team, I'll be on most of the day tomorrow, my time zone is UCT -6 (CDT). I don't have a level 23 yet, but I can get one by the time I go to bed tonight. (I'll make a RAcast if there are no objections)
  7. I'm interested in participating. I'm best with Rangers.
  8. S> PoST x3 asking 50 PD's each, can negotiate. I am trying to get PD's but I'm not super desperate, please don't try to low-ball me.

  9. I'm down for this. If anyone wants to prep a team, please PM me.
  10. Haven't been on much... getting distracted playing Path of Exile...

  11. Getting tired of TTF... looking for a skyly to hunt epsilions with. (RAmarl, fine with running support)

  12. I'll take 3 tickets. This seems like fun... might get more later if I get more PD's.
  13. Looking for a Cent/Battle hunting partner, willing to alternate.

    1. anthonyplays


      Im all for it.

    2. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      I can help you if you still need a partner. And I do love the idea of alternating drops.

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