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  1. I did the fist of the north star stuff Nova.. Or should I say Raoh?! :P  You should try to get me a Cent battle this event :D 

  2. Im ready to redeem 3 mags please 3 mags redeemed , thanks a lot to Useless who redeemed mines and all the other Gms and really good event
  3. well here are my recommendations Movies: The cube , hypercube and the cube zero , the perfume , The Myst ,the rouge violin , the cabin in the woods ,mamoru ohshiis :Avalon ,Zombie Estation ,Evil dead the movies from the 80s. Animes, .//Hack:Sign , //Hack:Roots ,speedgrapher, tenjho tenge.Macross Plus ,Blood the last vampire , Vampire hunter D , Dual , FLCL,
  4. S> Ultima Reaper 40 dark no hit 10 pds pm if interested :)

    Edited by Heavy Nova
  5. delete me XD lmao

    Edited by pishion
  6. purple ob lilly amore rose ultimate Ultimate Da Ral Lie episode 1 purple regular drop Cross scar
  7. Regular drop L&K14 combat episode 1 dragon ultimate purple
  8. Amore rose purple ultimate Bartle
  9. Take care , and have fun out there !!! never forget about Ultima .
  10. id like to borrow just the DM 0 100 0 100 80 , please to try and get a pgf , been hunting the entire event no luck at all , however i have been in 7 rooms that dropped one XD ,
  11. Purple Ult Barba Ray Phonon maser
  12. would like to add pinkal barba ray Phonon Maser and purple ultimate gol dragon earth wand brownie
  13. Mr.Naka Business card ,Ultimate ,Falz Purple .
  14. count me in i have most ids just send me a pm so we can arrange the meeting and rooms
  15. What the stats for Agent k costume ?