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  1. purple ob lilly amore rose ultimate Ultimate Da Ral Lie episode 1 purple regular drop Cross scar
  2. Regular drop L&K14 combat episode 1 dragon ultimate purple
  3. Amore rose purple ultimate Bartle
  4. Take care , and have fun out there !!! never forget about Ultima .
  5. id like to borrow just the DM 0 100 0 100 80 , please to try and get a pgf , been hunting the entire event no luck at all , however i have been in 7 rooms that dropped one XD ,
  6. Purple Ult Barba Ray Phonon maser
  7. would like to add pinkal barba ray Phonon Maser and purple ultimate gol dragon earth wand brownie
  8. Mr.Naka Business card ,Ultimate ,Falz Purple .
  9. count me in i have most ids just send me a pm so we can arrange the meeting and rooms
  10. What the stats for Agent k costume ?
  11. Halo Rappy Soul turned my Red Ring into "Frank the Bunny Costume" XD no change on the red ring stats apparently , only shape
  12. Count me in.
  13. Ty Cyane for this amazing event
  14. Sadly didnt make it today to the event in time, just got off work and tomorrow work too , i hope they extend it a little more ,pls pls Cyane thanks in advance
  15. Welcome to your new home , make yourself comfortable , and hope to play with you soon