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  1. Haha. Thanks everybody. I look forward to playing with everybody.
  2. Hey guys, Coming back here is a bit of a strange experience. It's the same environment with completely new people. It's like I woke up and have gone to school/work, but I don't recognize anybody and nobody recognizes me. However, I am always up for new friends and would like to reacquaint with old ones, so if you guys want to pew pews and hack hackz I welcome it. :3 In game I am the following: Travesty Black Cat Howl Malice
  3. Sorry I had to miss you leaving man. Hope you have a good time in the marines.Take care nikkah.
  4. Sucks we didn't get to chill and play more often before man. It's been great though.
  5. Back.

    1. Josh Jordan

      Josh Jordan

      Good now you can give me back my book of katana lol

  6. Happy birthday bro

    1. Travesty


      Thanks. Haha. Don't think I was playing when it happened tho =[

  7. I thought it was a strange combination to make a hunter weapon... >_>
  8. Am I supposed to have two Kamuis too? Because I don't have any.. just those items you see in that screenshot are what I picked up.
  9. Yeah, I had never done the quest before, so I didn't know what items I was supposed to have until I beat that girl. I would have said something if I knew there was 3 books.
  10. I was trying to get the Twim Kamui. I got the items to trade from my team member Jorlak. This item was for him. When he gave me the items the "Book of Katana 3" turned into another item. Here is a screen shot of what he gave me. Here is my Guild Card He says he didn't post this because he was lazy?
  11. I hate college football and 903 errors.

    1. Elision


      i hate football and 903 errors also, but hey i love college LOL.

    2. Choko


      I think he meant "college football" not "college, football" But hey, I could be wrong.

    3. Travesty


      Haha. I'm responding a bit late, but yeah I love college... I hate college football. I live in Southern United States. People here are ignorant.

  12. Haha. I PM'ed Larva everything. Here is a screen shot of my PSO crashing an burning so you all can laugh at then feel bad for me.
  13. Sigh. This has happened to me now. My only choices are rollback or erase? I keep most of my stuff in my common bank. =[
  14. Welcome to forums buddy.

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