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Josh Jordan

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  1. It's been many years but I hope to return and play again. I've been on a hiatus.

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Name familiar... Jorlak, is that you?

  2. So Im redownloading this again for the thousandth time lol if you guys need a Tech Mage Im your Guy for the funs also ill be helping lower lvs with TTF runs if needed just message me in the lobby when im on the only compensation im asking for is some rares here and there lol

    1. Josh Jordan

      Josh Jordan

      Depends man college life all that jazz

  3. YO bros my room mate let me download the game again Im back once again and again LOL but yeah youll see me more often now :D

    1. mrchibbs
    2. Evie


      oh wow, hey you!

      Nice to see you back:)

    3. Kolective


      Welcome back :D

  4. So its been a long time since Ive been online im gonna try to convince my room mate to let me redownload ultima on here so I can play like before :3

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    2. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      O_O the $$$$ JOSH!!!! how you been man an if your room mate so no just said well $$$$ you an im doing it anyway lol

    3. Josh Jordan
    4. Josh Jordan

    1. Josh Jordan

      Josh Jordan


    2. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      still want your dam gael lol welcome back btw

    3. funkytrousers28
  6. ok My guild card Number is #42091421 and the time was earlier today its 7:53pm now this happened inbetween 12:00 am and 3:00pm
  7. I know and this sucks because I just came back onto the game too.
  8. You can check yourself Kajex you have my login info because I entrusted only you with it bro its like gone
  9. and it wasn't any slots that were affected it was only Jorxl just the whole character was like reset all the lvs and all my items were gone
  10. I dont have any pics of anything bro it happened like maybe around 12:30am to 2:00pm
  11. I just used it because I could to ensure all techs would be maxed at 30 and No i didnt take any prints I redownloaded this to my roommates laptop I don't own my own yet I used to play allthe time and I just traded a spirit needle for a galatine sword and after that trade the character I went into the lobby and everything disappaeared and I was lv 1 I reset the game and tried to come back and everything was gone
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