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  1. Hi welcome to ultima the community is small but i hope you enjoy your stay and hope to play with you ingame sometime.
  2. See ya later in the future hope to play again with you.
  3. How to Repost a Bug Rollback Topic [img_]url here[/img_] to post images [without the underscores i used] Also you posted in the wrong section should be moved to bugs & crashes lol
  4. Still bugged lets try 5pm pst on the 5th, huge amount of time for rollback but probably will get the job done. Of course any lost item on his character can be easily replaced so no worries on that.
  5. lol dont be feedinz your mag when the server is having a hard lag. Mostly that time is when it takes longer then usual to connect.
  6. You are missing Guild Card Number, Character Slot Number, and time of rollback needed to get your items back. Guild Card Number can be found in your Menu > Chat > Guild Card > MY Card. number appears in top right corner. To save time and get this resolved quicker read these. How to report a bug Rules for Rollback
  7. Time of Roll Back needed; 8:40pm PST Screenshot provided by Gil; Guild Card; 42014031 Character Slot; 1
  8. I'll miss you and all your funnyness D:
  9. Well im not sure some people have it so they cant access the bank at all which ive mostly seen. when people reported about the ???? item their always told to leave it be for a reason lol.
  10. oddly enough when i had my lame 1 day the kill count was 8k then the next is 2k kill. After larva restarted the server the kills seemed to accumalate for me and then i was able to perma unseal mines after a server restart lol.
  11. Hey zyn do you know the best mag for reverser activation?

  12. Just get in contact with any gm to exchange it for an excalibur if your having trouble unsealing. Also pm them this thread.
  13. Runa


    This server is doing pretty good and takes a bit longer to lv up then eden does overall this small community is great. I hope you enjoy your stay and see you ingame.
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