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  1. Buffed Belras

    I'll jump on that bandwagon. @Larva
  2. Happy birthday @chuk!  27歳を精一杯楽しめ!1日だけの王様だからw

    1. Choko



  3. Introduce Yourself

    ultima he youkoso. kono saabaa de kitto tanoshimeru to omoimasu. saikin, amari akuteibu jyanai node, mata kiemasu! dewa, mata ne! (ローマ字が苦手だから間違えたかもw
  4. help i want to play psobb

    There really is no way to help you with that amount of information, so I'll ask for some basic information regarding the issue. OS? CPU? How did you install the game? At what point does it give that message? Can you provide a screenshot of that message? If it is for the launcher:
  5. My game keeps crashing??

    Any chance you could get that error message?
  6. My game keeps crashing??

    Does the game close itself entirely, or do you get sent back to the title screen? Is there an error message of any kind?
  7. illegal characters in path

    We'll build that wall, it'll be a great wall, the best wall, and SCHT is going to pay for it.


    ~Choko love~

    1. Choko


      Thanks! I had my birthday celebrated for the first time in 6 years =p 


  9. Slot Order Reverse Bug

    Haven't looked at the source, but could you also show how the items are ordered in your inventory as well?
  10. A fossil comes to life.

    I don't log in, but I remember you anyway, for what it's worth. Hope you have fun starting back up again.
  11. bug

    Did you talk in game while this was happening? If so, can you go into your logs folder and open the file for the day it happened and post chat logs of when it happened, so that timestamps are shown?
  12. sugestion

    You can do it with an addon, but it won't be added to the client itself.
  13. The video is only that big because it is a raw file. Compressing it will decrease the size considerably. Converting it to mp4 should be fine, I think
  14. I cant launch the game :(

    Hi Jason! As others have pointed out it is likely either the resolution, or antivirus causing issues. If you still have problems after trying those two things, can you explain in which manner it is crashing? Does it get to the title screen? Does it crash immediately upon being open? Which antivirus are you using? Which resolution are you using? お手数をおかけしますが、引き続きよろしくお願い致します。
  15. New Year Cards

    The deadline date applies only for the raffle -- attributes can be exchanged for all year long starting on the 27th. *main post also updated