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  1. Larva needs to see my Donation PM... Couple days and I see him log on and off but he still doesn't check my PM :(

  2. Agreed with X-type. I think you can talk to Larva and see if he can delete 1 element to add hit.
  3. Merry Christmas and have a great Holiday!

  4. これは楽しいです。私はオンラインで二人出てくるファンタシースターのために待つことができない。ちょうどカント待つ。人は私と一緒...

  5. Gratz. You coming to the event tomarrow?
  6. Hey! I reached 200 today 2011/8/28. I want to thank my team and personaly to Link,King,Skelton and all! Also want to thank all my friends and foes! Got this far and hope to lvl my other chars after school is done. my main point is thanks! ~Bye xD
  7. GoodBye.... Like to thank my team, RedTemplers a good day and the backup you provited me with. a great team! but now its time to go from some people not in the team but in the game.... Goodbye :(

  8. With school and sports for me starting soon. I wont be on alot so about 1 hour a day at most but either way. I am going to leave this game for awhile of some reasons personaly and family related. I'll TRY checking forums dayly but i wont be on alot. besides know one would bother to like or talk to me from my trades and i really didnt do anythinig wrong but guess people in this world just dont like me... so im saying goodbye for now and hopefully 1 day once they stop playing or wont remember me. that may be the day i return. like to say bye to my team, the RedTemplers and all the people that backed me up or even help me out. i am truely sorry about the past but things wont ever change. Good Bye
  9. 42087910 AMY or K9999 or Negima ^_^.... (Theif much?) This server is driving me nuts. rounded 50 people on usually at a time? well 30% is either Theifs or mean to me or others.... Judt the way i guess.

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