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  1. Larva needs to see my Donation PM... Couple days and I see him log on and off but he still doesn't check my PM :(

  2. Hi, I am still alive I know and I need help transferring masters. I am the Master of Vendetta's but now I want to pass it on to insane. My GC is 42088784 and insane's is ?????? (wont tell me XD Hopefully you dont need). We have tried doing the transferring but it does not work. I send him a request and then I am stuck on a screen while he doesn't get notified and so I have to press Alt+backspace.
  3. Agreed with X-type. I think you can talk to Larva and see if he can delete 1 element to add hit.
  4. ACE SC1

    Bad & Fat

    Lol, It is on the "Off Topic" category
  5. ACE SC1

    Bad & Fat

    look up... alyankovicVEVO on youtube, he makes funny stuff.
  6. ACE SC1

    Bad & Fat

    Hi, I was watching this and I thought this was funny. Agree? I like it. LOL
  7. Merry Christmas and have a great Holiday!

  8. As much as you got. I sent you a PM about it.
  9. I WILL WINZ xD Updated it Check it outon other early post
  10. EDITED: 80 PDs & 18 PCs Yay ~WeWewe Madam Mussel~
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