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  1. lavender u just played with us XD. its me ] and NightMARE
  2. if theres gm help,cause my character still has items that are ???? since yesterday
  3. Dced when i equipped my weapon,and when i logged back in my items all turned into ????s. Here is a picture. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/pso1311886543.png/ It happend at 3:55 pm thursday 28 Pacific time(US&Canada) can i be rollback 35mins back Guild card: 42010847, slot 3
  4. lol,u dont see... he changed his sword to red and black,and his mag and shield
  5. my other acc, all my characters cant access into common bank how do we fix it?
  6. What do you get for beating the whole challenge mode game?
  7. thats not always true,if possible the gm might help
  8. this happened to me b4, i had a lame with -100 something % on native,but larva fixed it for me and yea -% does decrease the damage
  9. aww, i wanted a parasite gene flow :s lolz
  10. dragon

    Post your drawings

    nice,looks like one of those halo soldiers,and looks like those metroid troopers too, but nice
  11. aww ok,thnx anyways,but i think dark meter should combo,or maybe dark flow and dark meter shoulda combo,but maybe its too strong,oh well
  12. W* SO DARK METER can do 3 combo nows? if it can imma try to get it
  13. serverus,i think it is bug, even i a HUCAST lvl 197 fight gal gryphon ultimate single player mode cant even damge him much than in multiplayer mode? And Singel player mode is MUCH EASIER THAN multiplayer mode and i think u no that. And also RaCast are the strongest ranger out of the ranger class.
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