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  1. Sorry to hear that, I hope that you can get Bloodshed playing again soon and good luck.
  2. You add the hit in Claire's Deal, by talking to dr Osto, but you can only do it after you beat all the ep4 story missions.
  3. I hope you can get fixed up soon man, sorry to hear that and good luck.
  4. I hope you can get fixed up soon, sorry to hear that.
  5. I hope you come back soon, good luck with pso2.
  6. Sorry to see you go man, good luck to you.
  7. Hello, I was playing black papers deal today, (ultimate dorphin route) and i noticed that the quest is not dropping items anymore. I did not get gold or any red boxes, somehow it just didnt give anything at all. I just wanted to report it since black papers is on of my favorite quests.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that your having problems again.
  9. dont feel bad, the same thing just happened to me.
  10. guild card number is 42098354 character name is Hwi - in second slot time of bug was monday april 8th at about midnight
  11. I got dcd during black papers deal and when i got back online everything i had on me was corrupted. weapons, armor, units, mag you name it.
  12. I finally found the redria lavis cannon drop yesterday on tues the 19th, at about 4 pm or so, but to my suprise after i returned from my last logout the cannon was no longer in my bank. I also found two demolition comets that same game but i could care less about those. Has anyone else had a problem like this come up before? Anyway just putting this out there in case a gm can do anything.
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