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  1. Constant Crashing

    The crash that has been trying to crash the crash, has been crashed
  2. free gear when
  3. S>Red Sword 80 hit

    2 PD and 1 meseta
  4. Ok, so I finally figured the best way ever to unseal Limiters.


    Do you want to know?


    Alright I will tell you


    Don't tell anyone


    Actually tell'em all, I don't care


    So here you go:


    Wait, are we talking about unsealing Limiters or SJS?


    I mean, that's not the same...


    So, the best way to unlock SJS is


    Don't open the next spoiler if you are too afraid to know


    112 ok




    Enough with the jokes. The best quest to unseal SJS is




    Happy Birthday!















    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      This is by far the best birthday post I have ever gotten. Thank you so much R-78!! 

    2. JADE


      Best post ever

  5. Happy birthday @Quan!

    We love you!! 

    1. Quan


      You are the best 😍😍 thank you

    2. mudkipzjm


      happy birthday man

  6. I miss you Eden-senpai. Come back to us pls

  7. Happy birthday fren!! 

  8. Login issue...

    Remember that the credentials you use to log in on the forums is separate from your game credentials. This is a common issue so I'm sure you will figure it out. Good luck!
  9. Happy birthday homie!!! 

  10. Introduce Yourself

    Welcome @b0n3zx! Sorry to read about your save file. The same thing happened to me while transferring my main character at the time between memory cards to play with friends. So they were permanently on the multiplayer slot which meant no solo mode ever which was frustrating. You will love this community! There are lots of active users at every level of play, an informative and supportive staff and friendly forum users that are very knowledgeable. I've been playing on this server for almost a year and it has been one of the best experiences of my gaming career.
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/dutchride 


    I'm back! (even though I never really went anywhere lol)

  12. Spiffing day Ultima, wot wot! 

  13. Xbox Controller

    Does it read any of your inputs at all? You may have to setup the default bindings in game and use JoyToKey to fill in the blanks. That's what I do. Also the controller has to be connected and turned on before launching the game.
  14. Xbox Controller

    What doesn't work exactly? Is it a wired or blue tooth controller?