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  1. b> regular glide divine pm me

  2. s> rico's parasol for 10 dts or rr any stats/costume

  3. chameleon scythe drops right now from De Rol Le (vh) on a few ids so you can possibly get one with hit from there
  4. vh oran kondrieu- kunai
  5. vh oran vol opt - gizonde merge vh oran falz - daisy chain
  6. Bluefull dark falz ultimate - new years card
  7. vh de rol le bluefull broom confirmed edit: vh vol opt bluefull resta merge
  8. just got a Heaven Punisher, a PD, and a Heaven Punisher from consecutive Hildetorrs!!

  9. hunting heaven punisher, and a hideltorr dropped a PD...

  10. just got a hylian!