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  1. I don't think you can get out yourself, but other people can kill the trap. also if you want to use mates they can't be from your quick menu to avoid the trap I just run around in circles like this there are possibly other ways but that's the way I've found to be most consistent
  2. sold

    Edited by snail_lord
    both sold
  3. Help needed!

    no, all drops are determined by the host's ID. anybody else's id doesn't matter, unless host leaves and the room id changes. you can check with /roominfo.
  4. s > 3 adepts 17 pds each, 

    3 POSS 10 pds each,

    typeme/mechs 0'd 80 pds/offer,

    pm if interested in anything, also willing to hear offers on 3 nakas, but might not sell 

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    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      post 10 pds each? ( proof of sonic team) if they are post ill buy the 3 for the 30 pds as u said

    2. snail_lord


      nah, proof of sword saint

  5. Happy Hours Alert!

    180 again green names also and 5xs exp
  6. s > 2 nakas, 3 adepts, 3 POSS, pm me if interested in any

  7. how much do charge weapons (mostly mechs, but also wondering about ones like vjaya or fury of the beast) benefit from percents? wondering if it's a worthwhile investment putting %s on cyas besides hit
  8. s > Bombchu [0/0/0/0|40] 10 dts or offer, adept x4 4 dts each, POSS x3 2 dts, check my tradelist  for more and pm if interested in anything


    1. snail_lord


      I'd accept pds for some of these, but I really need 8 dts atm