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  1. dw

    1. MadOrNah


      I agree


      Edited by MadOrNah
  2. S/T> Rambling may 0/100/0/100]80

  3. yeah lol doing a random pod and glide dropped
  4. Astark Ultimate Greenill - Glide divine v.00
  5. Hoi there Nero Luna here
  6. Astark - Ult - Skylyl - Bamboo Spear
  7. Astark - Ult - Whitill Rainov303SNR-1
  8. S>MM 0/35/30/0]70 - offer

    B> Type ME mechs any stats


  9. I must be dreaming right? XD
  10. @HHawk4 Sounds good
  11. B> Type/Me mechs 

    B>dorphon eclair RNG

  12. Working on a hoocaseal also this thread was good thanks to those who contributed!
  13. Buy type/me mechs, will pay well pm me :)