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  1. Also the whitil melqueek is named twice once on kroes sweater and angel harp and I found the angel harp.
  2. ill take the the two V101's, the ultima reaper, and 3 cent pow's for 6 nyc's!
  3. Yeah im ingame ill make a room
  4. Ill take the glide divine, adept, macho blades, and 40 pds off your hands.
  5. Chrisds


    I will take the Hylian shield, the photon booster, and the heaven striker off ya when ya get a chance!
  6. A little starting guide that could help: or I would just suggest going to episode 1 normal and going to the forest then doing a quest after that. And if you need anymore guides try looking at the helpful guides sub forum: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/forum/10-help-and-guides/ pso-world is also a great resource for most items as well. Good Luck!
  7. Great trade with Ana G.5 Big thanks!

  8. Ill take the psycho raven and the centurion battle for 65 dts!
  9. ah i'm back for now finally!

  10. If you still have the c/b and soul boosters I can offer 45 dts for c/b and 15 dts for one soul booster.
  11. Hey I would like to get that arrest needle for 45 dts from ya, just pm me whenever your online.
  12. I would like the striker unit mag if you still have it I can offer 5 dts.
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