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  1. Gor3

    Miss playing with you boss ❤️


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    2. 777


      Yoooo! PGF hunt: round 2, let's goooo~

    3. Gor3


      ayyyyyyyyyyy :D

    4. 777
  2. Letters are too small can't read, can you do it a little bigger please??...
  3. R-78

    I removed your profile picture. Please find one that is less epileptic

  4. Greetings, Due to work and being a little busy doing the life stuff I've been absent for a while and miss the game like crazy. Weeks ago decided to get back in for a bit, after updating my antivirus (Avast pro) and my Windows 10 defender went crazy detecting threats on my computer. Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/threats/malware-encyclopedia-description?Name=Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.D!ml&ThreatID=2147749373 This doesn't seem like a false positive to me, anyone having the same issue might be a target for an attack. Please check files and see if this t
  5. trojan.PNG.c4eb00caeeb4014a8058c48f6c32df15.PNG

    1. jezbuz


      It's a false positive. Don't worry, it's completely safe. It has to do with the way the client scans some files that are on your pso folder to make the game work, making your antivirus assuming its a virus/trojan/etc based on its behaviour (i'm not an expert on the area, but other people can explain you in a more detailed and accurate way, but the idea is that).

      It happened to me some weeks ago. My windows defender started to getting triggered by it for some reason. My bet is that it has to do with a patch or an update of the game in a few weeks or months ago. Just add an exception to your PSO folder and you'll be fine.

      As i said, don't worry with it. Completely harmless. If it had virus on it, nobody would be playing PSO in ultima these days lol

  6. Not a bad idea at all. I posted this link for them to pick one of those or several, there are some good options
  7. Once you get high enough and have some Machine and beast damage in some of your weapons, you can look for CCA runs (Central Control Area), very good xp too
  8. Did it drop from CCC ? Also, be very careful, just like Tiel said, lowballers are always watching
  9. Welcome to the community, if you happen to have questions about anything, classes, quests or any items in particular you can ask on chatbox or use this thread. Game on!
  10. Racast and Ramarl easier to get good gear, then Hucast for ultimate destruction.
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