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  1. Valentine's Event 2018

    Makes sense. I never noticed the 1 atp boost. I must have spent 5 minutes tekking that bouquet, haha!
  2. Valentine's Event 2018

    Dark Falz stands no chance against me and my flowers ... or is it my flowers and I ?
  3. Valentine's Event 2018

    Love the banner! I noticed something about the Rose and the Bouquet drops I got. The weapon percentages seem to be broke. The weapons I found and tekked will do the same damage to a specific enemy type (say native), whether there is a % for that enemy type on the weapon or not. I was sad when my Great Bouquet was not kicking butt as it should. ps: I DID only test this on native creatures
  4. I'll go with the Millie Martau. The heaven special is so cool looking and tags just about every thing in front of you....and when it's not time for that to work...the auto aim is very nice when you can't seem to hit a thing [emoji1] Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk
  5. Hi guys. Question about exchanging donation tickets for photon drops. I'm guessing its an honor system? The drops exist in the game and the tickets exist here. Someone has to go first. Shoot me dead with NooB missiles now
  6. Introduce Yourself

    Name: Kelly Age: Close to 40 Preferred contact method: PM here on the forum Hobbies: WWE, Cheezy Movies, cats, hot sauce A little more about your self: We have a two month old son at home, which is pretty awesome. But PSO is essential for some down time. If you ever play with me on Ultima all my characters start with Kel.....and I just may be the worst typer on the server. If I took the time to type correctly, you would think I was constantly getting up to get a drink I also teach private music lessons. Peace!