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  1. Exotic

    Easter Event 2018

    Made this for posterity's sake/Next year Easter Event 2018 Full Drop table
  2. (Normal Drop) Goran Detonator - EP4 Ult - Skyly Goran Detonator - EP4 Ult - Yellowboze
  3. Centurion/Luck Ill Gil - EP2 Ult - Pinkal
  4. Centurion/Body Delbiter - EP2 Ult - Viridia
  5. that's why mentioned the one third of the original event item drop rate. For example, if Lindcray was 1/1024, make the non-event drop 1/3072
  6. Can we do something about certain "impossible" drops? There's a few that come to mind that I feel could use a revision or a straight up replacement. Here's what I mean by impossible/bullshit drops: ITEM EP/DIF MONSTER ID RATE Psycho Wand Ult EP1 Bull Claw Yellowboze 1/233016 Psycho Wand Ult EP1 Gran Sorcerer Skyly/Redria 1/299593 Psycho Wand Ult EP2 Sinow Zele Pinkal 1/299593 Heaven Punisher Ult EP1 Crimson Assasin Yellowboze 1/190650 Heaven Punisher Ult EP1
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