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  1. Yes. I am now using Kaspersky + Malwarebytes. Thx!
  2. Thank you. Windows updated, yesterday, then I got the notification. Mods, I think it's safe to close.
  3. Windows Security picked up the psobblauncher, this evening. Anyone experience something similar?
  4. Hello. Have you tried looking in the character viewer? Perhaps they are stored in another bank. At the top of the forum page, look for Ultima -> Tools -> Character Viewer. You may have to contact a GM for assistance if your items truly disappeared. Good luck!
  5. https://ibb.co/Vpvs1xm Victory against C01D1. @Lemon @chicanna
  6. Scheduled at 5PM CST, today. If we don't meet this time we deserve an auto lose.
  7. No results, yet. We missed one another, yet again.
  8. I would like to participate. There should be a rule that each player must activate their switch.
  9. I agree it's definitely wrong to get a God/HP, but that is, indeed, the drop for Redria - Ult - Mine's Boss
  10. Ultima - Redria - Vol Opt Ver.2 - God/HP
  11. In need of a Challenge partner.

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    2. ipolyr


      I'm glad we share this interest - thank you!


      I play daily and am (generally) available:

      Monday - Friday : 6PM Central Time -> 2:AM Central Time

      Saturday - Sunday : anytime


      If you are available to play during those times, shoot me a message and we can meet up.


    3. HUNTER_


      I wouldn’t be available Monday - Thursday during that time but Friday Saturday Sunday would work for me 

    4. Solaris


      Friday-Sunday works for me too 

  12. How do I know if I've completed any Challenge stage? I finished stage 1 and stage 2, but it shows that my character doesn't have a record.
  13. Red Ring - Dark Falz - Ultimate - White lol
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