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  1. Understood. Thank you.
  2. I used mind mats previously to reach the 903. I think I could not equip it because my safety heart was giving me mst. I replaced with another shield and equipped cent/ability. I can equip v00, now. It seems that equipment that boosts stats doesn't "register" when trying to meet a requirement. Thank you for your response, Terry.
  3. I have tried re-logging, not reloading block... It shows the item greyed out, as if I can equip, but don't meet the requirements. I'll try reloading block.
  4. Any reason my lvl 161 FOmarl cannot equip Glide v.00 ? It shows I need 900 MST (I have 903), but cannot equip it...
  5. Dedicated GPU

    Thank you for your response, Soly! I will take advantage of some of the texture/skin packages available to reduce the graphic demand, and i'll you know if I discover anything that may be useful to you. I believe it is safe to close this thread, at this point. Happy New Year! I gave that a try. No dice! Thanks for your advice, though.
  6. Dedicated GPU

    I'm not too interested in better graphics necessarily. I want a consistent framerate. Barba Ray, for instance, becomes very laggy. Ep 2 SeaLab runs 50% slower, as well. I have textures with shading, high-def text, etc on my desktop. This is actually why I was trying to get it to run well on my laptop, as well!
  7. Dedicated GPU

    I appreciate your input! I see... It is definitely playable on my laptop, just wanted a higher resolution and drawing distance. Thanks! I have a R9 8 GB in my desktop, but wanted to take advantage of my notebook's gpu, if possible. Nvidia has a similar function (monitoring which apps are using the GPU), but that's irrelevant. Thanks for your response!
  8. Dedicated GPU

    I'm seeking technical assistance. I have a Lenovo Y50-70 Touch Notebook with an Nvidia GTX 860m. When running Psobb.exe, it will only utilize the Intel Graphics. I have tried the following: Running psobb.exe as an Administrator Right clicking psobb.exe and forcing the app to run with the "high performance processor" Changed the global settings in Nvidia Control Panel to prefer the "high performance NVIDIA processor" Selected the Nvidia Program Settings, and selected psobb.exe to use my GPU Tried using Geforce Experience (PSO is not compatible) Accessed my Notebook's BIOS settings, but I cannot set the GPU to be the only graphics setting. Rolling back my nvidia driver, uninstalling all the nvidia related apps, and reinstalling. -I was able to get psobb.exe to run on my desktop, utilizing my R9 Graphics card. I'm not sure why it refuses to run with my Notebook's GPU... I am able to run the launcher.exe, chrome, and other games using the GPU. (I was monitoring the GPU activity) I thank you for taking the time to view the post, and any help is greatly appreciated! -Polyr
  9. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    Note that Noob/HP is not dropping. Heart container will be dropping.
  10. Let's Have Some Fun

    I'm going to order an adapter for my GC controller so I can play.
  11. A Quest for Ultima!

    Movie: Nyan Koi! Series: Nyan Koi! Anime: Nyan Koi! Manga: Nyan Koi!
  12. Disguised auctions

    LOL coming from you? Additionally, in your signature you have an overpriced baranz part, and an overpriced Nimaidou with an inaccurate description.
  13. Player-Made Drop Table Anniv. Event 2016 :)

    It's possible to find weapons with up to 80% Stats?
  14. Missing stuff