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  1. Holiday Battle Tournament

    No results, yet. We missed one another, yet again.
  2. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I would like to participate. There should be a rule that each player must activate their switch.
  3. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    I agree it's definitely wrong to get a God/HP, but that is, indeed, the drop for Redria - Ult - Mine's Boss
  4. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Ultima - Redria - Vol Opt Ver.2 - God/HP
  5. In need of a Challenge partner.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. ipolyr


      I'm glad we share this interest - thank you!


      I play daily and am (generally) available:

      Monday - Friday : 6PM Central Time -> 2:AM Central Time

      Saturday - Sunday : anytime


      If you are available to play during those times, shoot me a message and we can meet up.


    3. HUNTER_


      I wouldn’t be available Monday - Thursday during that time but Friday Saturday Sunday would work for me 

    4. Solaris


      Friday-Sunday works for me too 

  6. How do I know if I've completed any Challenge stage? I finished stage 1 and stage 2, but it shows that my character doesn't have a record.
  7. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Red Ring - Dark Falz - Ultimate - White lol
  8. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Master Sword - Dark Falz - Ultimate - Bluefull
  9. Understood. Thank you.
  10. I used mind mats previously to reach the 903. I think I could not equip it because my safety heart was giving me mst. I replaced with another shield and equipped cent/ability. I can equip v00, now. It seems that equipment that boosts stats doesn't "register" when trying to meet a requirement. Thank you for your response, Terry.
  11. I have tried re-logging, not reloading block... It shows the item greyed out, as if I can equip, but don't meet the requirements. I'll try reloading block.
  12. Any reason my lvl 161 FOmarl cannot equip Glide v.00 ? It shows I need 900 MST (I have 903), but cannot equip it...
  13. Dedicated GPU

    Thank you for your response, Soly! I will take advantage of some of the texture/skin packages available to reduce the graphic demand, and i'll you know if I discover anything that may be useful to you. I believe it is safe to close this thread, at this point. Happy New Year! I gave that a try. No dice! Thanks for your advice, though.
  14. Dedicated GPU

    I'm not too interested in better graphics necessarily. I want a consistent framerate. Barba Ray, for instance, becomes very laggy. Ep 2 SeaLab runs 50% slower, as well. I have textures with shading, high-def text, etc on my desktop. This is actually why I was trying to get it to run well on my laptop, as well!