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  1. Xavirexx

    S> PGF

    Hey y’all got a pgf for sale looking for a Dark Meteor AB/D pref
  2. See I knew that gush arms was good ! I’m just gonna hold onto it thanks anyways guys
  3. Dat perfect special you know and it’s 50 hit ! Perfect for those end game raids!
  4. I got a 50 hit gush arms for sale 🤡
  5. can you reserve that BC for me?
  6. I’m at work till 8pm PST. But I’ll try to catch you maybe early tomorrow? I’ll be on tonight but I know we are in different countries
  7. id like the Bringers Rifle, and trap search please
  8. I’m still a interested in that red sword if mr pack man is bailing 🤷🏻‍♂️🙏🏼
  9. ill take the smart link and possibly red sword if you havent sold
  10. ill take that red sword if you still got it
  11. Ult. - Ep1 - Indi Belra - Purplenum - Ultima Reaper
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