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  1. Oof! Auction house with real money was a Diablo 3 thing, and was criticized by the original creator of D2 after he had left the company (but eventually scrapped). Free to play and pay to win would be the opposite of what the original creators wanted
  2. Diablo 2 is one of the greatest games ever made, and definitely something to look at for game design; Not sure if I would dig the mobile game or not; all the original creators have left the company and moved on to other things 😧
  3. Phantasy Star was a turn-based rpg in the 80s and 90s, but Diablo was an online action RPG first
  4. Sure can! When would you like to meet?
  5. Bump, lower prices and some new stuff!
  6. I will be on 8:00pm eastern and after, so that works, thanks!
  7. Oh yeah, that's fine
  8. bump, Spring stuff!
  9. Sweet! I like the feature because you can already get 50 hit shots or caliburs from Restless Lion. I would love to see more quests like this with item quest rewards: What if you had an Ep4 quest of the same difficulty with item rewards like Excal, Vjaya, Heaven Striker, M&A 60 Vise, etc?
  10. Another thing, did you mean to make it that Shots, Rods, Swords can only spawn with 70 hit or higher, or is that a bug?
  11. I have 1 in my shop, let me know (prices negotiable)
  12. This quest just beats ROCT hands down everytime! Don't forget he also found the 70 hit Faust in another sprint! I wish there were more quests like this
  13. Delbiter - Bluefull - Ult -Tower - Ep2 - Centurion/Body
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