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  1. I am glad this topic was made because it has brought up some discussion that has very much been on my mind. I have to be completely honest, I have been demoralized and discouraged lately because of the server's policy of letting people use real money to enhance or buy weapons. If someone can just buy what I worked to find, it feels like it delegitimizes what I just did. One of the worst examples would be an 80 hit demons type shot, which is considered one of the essential gear items. This item for the most part can only be obtained by money. Sure, you can go out and far
  2. Does anyone know what the other servers do that is more attractive? It sounds like Ephinea is the most popular server, so why? Someone from Ephinea dropped by the other day just to try out Ultima, and when they saw how few people were logged in compared to Eph, they said "this sucks" and left. How does above server attract so many people? Do you need to mitigate DMC problems a lot more?
  3. Ult - Ep4 - Yellowboze - Dorphon - Alis Resolve
  4. Ultimate - EP2 - Greenill - Epsilon - Centurion Battle Ult - Ep4 - Pinkal - St Million - Blood Sword Ultimate - EP2 - Purplenum - Pan Arms - Centurion/TP
  5. Ultimate - Ep1 - Pinkal - Nano Dragon - Centurion Technique Ultimate - Ep2 - Skyly - Deldeph - Centurion Technique
  6. Thanks! [edit] it still doesn't work for SS when I change the server to Ultima, for the record. But the chime works great, thanks!
  7. Ultimate-Ep2-Greenill-Pan Arms-Centurion TP
  8. Soly, can I configure something in the floor reader so it highlights event drops as red? C Battle and PBD don't show up as red for that addon, and I think a lot of other event items may not either
  9. You could make it ding for Megid 30 or Grantz 30; I'm tempted to do so
  10. I just added it by Last Swan 004301; does it matter where you put it?
  11. I never had this much trouble with DMC on Diablo 2(actually any at all), even with 8 players attacking the same enemy. It makes me think it just comes down to a programming issue
  12. I've attacked an enemy down to 25% and then someone else attacks the enemy and it jumps back up to like 70%, and I was never quite sure what to do about that
  13. What does that mean? Is this another annoying bug?
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