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  1. so, you're playing this game on Nintendo Virtual Boy?
  2. Skyly E2 Ultimate Epsilon - Chromatic Orb
  3. Ultimate - Ep.4 - Dorphon Eclair - Redria - Banana Cannon
  4. Ultimate 1 Ruins Yellowboze Dark Gunner ***non event** Guardianna
  5. Ultimate-Episode 1-Greenill-Tollow-Centurion/Power
  6. Ultimate - 1 - Ruins - Bluefull - Delsaber **NON EVENT, womp, womp!\ EDIT: maybe a mistake because this drop is normally supposed to be Morning Glory, not DB's Saber??
  7. Ultimate- Episode 2 - Yellowbooze - lil Gill -Centurion/Arms
  8. Ultimate- Episode 2 - Redria - Gal Gryphon -Hylian Shield
  9. which is why people have warned several times already that time-gating essential items around events will hurt populations; I noticed Destiny doesn't use that and has higher population, and Ephinea which dwarfs everything else (222 right now!) ditched that some time ago. But that raises several other questions over why Ephinea is massively more popular than everyone else. Also, PSO2 didn't kill Ephinea's large population, so we can't rely on that. I would note that popularity is fundamentally about what most players want, and the signs are pointing to several factors including when core items are available.
  10. That event was very appreciated by many, but it still misses the main point that 2 full months is way too long to go between major events. A mini event over several days won't fill the gap. Other events have 2 weeks to 1 month in between, but I strongly vouch for 2 week max to be on the safe side.
  11. Summer event ended July 18, and the next event will probably be around September 18, so that's about 2 full months in between. I strongly suggest not to go more than about 2 weeks between events because each week motivation and population will drop.
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