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  1. Variety is nice but based off the poll, and taking into consideration many players have much gear in dire need of adding hit. Personally I'm not to picky. Any mini event that benefits the mass majority; not just a few or the better geared players is a good one in my book.
  2. you mean crimson assassin its red not grassy camouflage.
  3. I already confirmed dress plate for redria just didn't figure out which monster dropped it thanks!
  4. Unsure it was a mass of monsters final room of HoD 1 on ultimate for redria so didn't see but it was either a arlan merlan or deslsaber or claw or bullclaw one
  5. Dress plate confirmed for Redria Ultimate ruins
  6. Regarding the new mag part even just adding one already on other servers for PSOBB such as the catnip cell to make twin sato would be awesome..or another you don't even have to make a completely new one..just add one not on this server already...that exists from the base vanilla more or less might be easier.
  7. Sent you a PM thanks!
  8. I had to pay 10 DTs to add the special to my SoU nobody told me it was free ever oO? Just now learning this I still have it + the donation change back from when I had it added in december but I added hit then to so maybe it was free I don't know the overall cost...though so hard to know how it was broken down since it was in December. I should also note HU needs more love here for gear on ultima ...Eh I will also say I think the GMs here do an amazing job regardless...and put so much effort and hard work into this community...I think a GM of the year award should exist...the community votes on who gets it each year...to thank them for all their hard work each year.
  9. Something to add make sure you have an empty space in your inventory to receive the first photon drop...you won't get any otherwise per room.
  10. You can only add the basic specials same as any other really. You can't add a unique special and the ones you mentioned as excluded jellen and zalure are only for s-ranks. Shifta deband is very limited more so s-red blades, and macho blades only as far as I know. This shows a list of specials in it for specific weapons even though its a price guide I find it comes in handy if need be.
  11. ah lol even so I think you should be allowed to go back in RT to pick up stuff if you couldn't beforehand in RT, and sorry all I saw was a reply to the topic here while in game xD
  12. Yeah it was very messed up because I only got the one pgf all event and I did about 300 runs total for RT.
  13. I tried in RT you can't go back through any of it once you complete all of it.
  14. One of those was a wasted pgf early on in the eventxD because I missed picking it up by one second lol I saw the parasitic in name as I went to take it transported back to town. If a worst luck in the history of PSOBB for being afk list were to be compiled in a topic here I doubt anyone could trump me in it.
  15. I used to enjoy c-mode on gamecube... if anyone wants to do c-mode after the Christmas event is over, and I'm available let me know. Assuming you don't mind someone who doesn't know it at all on ultima/PSOBB learning as you go... Feel free to let me know and thanks! C-mode was my favorite part of offline on GC never done a full clear anywhere online though... not to mention this was about 6+ years ago last lol. I will do it with you to I mean;)