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  1. I agree increasing bank size would be nice and I'm sure many could certainly use the added space regardless.
  2. Yeah I'm not to sure what would be the best option for a handgun or other ranged weapon, outside the ones you are aware of then sorry. But I love the needle personallyxD for blizzard special
  3. I have an S-rank blizzard needle and it works just fine for me with v502 on my ramarl and ramar used it on numerous occasions in ultimate mode now....not sure if this helps with the blizzard dilemma for you or not.
  4. B/T for Psycho wand offering a photon booster+3 PDs or DTs.

    1. Kush


      I got a phyco wand 50 pds or 8 dts 

    2. Ragol99


      Already found one but thank you for the offer:)

  5. T>Photon Booster+3 PDs for P-wand.

  6. T>Photon booster or Magic rock heartkey for P-wand.

  7. S>Nothing auction continues 

    1. R-78



      starting bid : 99 Ragols

    2. Ragol99


      That sure is a boatload of Ragols :blink:

  8. B>Any Master Sword Paying well.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ragol99


      Depends on the stats what are the stats? I will overpay though regardless:)

      Edited by Ragol99
    3. Kush


      40/0/0/40 no hit 

    4. Ragol99
  9. B>Master Sword PM me to read a very good offer if its Maxed.

  10. B>Master sword 

  11. B>Master Sword 

  12. B>Master Sword and PPP mag

  13. B>Master Sword, and a PPP mag.

  14. S>nothing

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. radezz


      I bid nothing. I win?

    3. MadOrNah


      I will pm you asking what you want, and then counter offer with lots of random junk to make it seem like I made a good offer.


    4. Ragol99


      CHB MadOrNah with his "lots of random junk" offer.