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  1. Something to add make sure you have an empty space in your inventory to receive the first photon drop...you won't get any otherwise per room.
  2. You can only add the basic specials same as any other really. You can't add a unique special and the ones you mentioned as excluded jellen and zalure are only for s-ranks. Shifta deband is very limited more so s-red blades, and macho blades only as far as I know. This shows a list of specials in it for specific weapons even though its a price guide I find it comes in handy if need be.
  3. ah lol even so I think you should be allowed to go back in RT to pick up stuff if you couldn't beforehand in RT, and sorry all I saw was a reply to the topic here while in game xD
  4. Yeah it was very messed up because I only got the one pgf all event and I did about 300 runs total for RT.
  5. I tried in RT you can't go back through any of it once you complete all of it.
  6. One of those was a wasted pgf early on in the eventxD because I missed picking it up by one second lol I saw the parasitic in name as I went to take it transported back to town. If a worst luck in the history of PSOBB for being afk list were to be compiled in a topic here I doubt anyone could trump me in it.
  7. Type ME/mechguns are bascially a Type weapon all Type weapons come from certain rewards from quests etc. For example 2x max attack quests forgot the exact ones off the top of my head accumulating enough points... then trading them in another quest (Beach laughter) for a type weapon. Type Weapons can have specials added and they are the best ranged weapon or at least for a Force class for TP leech and one of the only as far as I know viable for unreduced TP steal. Hope this helps clarify it a bit more and good luck! *edit* these ones fire like actual mechguns Type/GU are fired as if they are a handgun not mechgun.
  8. Type ME/mechguns with unreduced for TP steal work wonders. Of course they need some decent hit 50-80% I'd imagine on the higher end for a class with very poor ata.
  9. The real problem itself isn't the DT's or donations list it's the veteran players who have become greedy hoarders, and set such absurd prices. As well as slightly the fault of the innocent newbies or other players willing to pay such prices ( although if newbie can hardly be blamed at first for being ignorantly exploited by veterans who should be eager to promote and grow the server not thwart or hinder it by doing such) Donations for keeping the server alive, or because you just REALLY love the game... or another reason should be allowed... to me being able to trade them for items or other things is just an added side bonus. (if donating to get items were all the good to come of it in my mind I'd never have donated a penny even) Many ways to resolve the DT issue while not destroying it.... ONE is make the DT list prices match in game fair market value(or have a current price fixed but fair set by experienced GM's or larva himself) This would not only address such issues but also serve as a permanent price reference or rough guide. Players who see an item on it can now get a general idea of what the actual value might be if selling or buying. Also this would serve as a deterrent to rip people off at higher or absurd prices. If people see someone selling an item at a higher or much higher rate even newbie now they can avoid such sellers or shop around elsewhere because they now know. Something to clear up here it isn't the DT option itself that is the problem it's how people exploit the ability to trade DTS by creating such absurd prices out of thin air. (considering pricing is very uncertain for most) Here is another part of what can be done make it better to add %'s in games for attributes.(what I mean by this is make it more expensive to add %'s via DTS instead of it being less expensive to add %'s via DTS over sphereing in game) Last but not least by any means do a 1 or 2x monthly hit event to further discourage the usage of DTS for adding hit %'s to weapons. If you do all the above stated not only should it resolve DT issue, but also serve as a prevention net to screen out and deny players seeking to rip others off from doing so. (while still making much effort to balance out the economy and provide a basic PC> guide as well as make PD's worth more then DT's or if nothing else be the more viable option again) Ps. I know this topic was PGF and drop rate but what you are covering here is more so the issues you claim to be existing with DT system right now. (remember this well you can't fault the system without first faulting the people exploiting it out of greed)
  10. Thank you very much this and the post before answered all my questions clearly now. Appreciate it I really do, I also under stand it completely now on how to determine if it's good or not.
  11. That does help thanks Fyre. I also wanted to break it down a little more so here is an example. Say I have an arrest needle in the forest on ultimate mode I use it on a bartle works fine. Yet then I got to use a hell sh/shot type weapon on them and it misses over and over with 400 ata almost and the use of v502. I just wanted to know what special attack on weapons off the elemental chart is effective against each monster. If a guide existed for ultimate for it telling me I should use arrest vs. Monster A, and Hell vs. monster B etc? I keep coming across ones for techniques only. I play only Ramar and Humar... I kinda wanted to know which weapon is most effective for each special vs each specific monster. If nothing less a general guide or list to give me an idea to use as a basis. Also one more example seaside area the flying monsters that spawn forgot name off the top of my head bee things hell special from weapons is highly effective against. I wanted to know which special works best vs each. I remember an old guide from Gamecube days in a book had it broken down such as use arrest vs these monsters they are weak against it etc. That guide does help I just read more into it it was in french so I was a bit lost lol thanks fyre.
  12. Anyone have a good link to a guide on special attacks from weapons for monster resistances? If not could someone please list them for ultimate mode or a general idea so I could use it for referencing as a guide please? Thanks.