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  1. B>nakas cards 3 dts/per, D-cores 15 DTs/per PM me thanks.

  2. B>Yas9k 85 hit 151 dts /per x2. PM me thanks

  3. Mock GM Election!

    @Larva as @radezz stated
  4.  T/B>50 hit Jizai  or 50 hit Guren for 25 pds or Blank banana cannon+5 pds PM me thanks.  

  5. Locking this now no further point in leaving it open. Solys here to save the day as usual.
  6. Exactly buff them sure it'll be fun but not as they are now from halloween all year around. This is supposed to be halloween buff. It only means they will keep getting more buffs every year during halloween. Even if its just half hp per hit or 1 shot same difference when its level 200. A bit to much I'd say. Many seem to agree with this. As in buff them but not as much as they are from halloween now.
  7. All it would take is 2 belra to hit you and get a critical hit. I had this happen once during halloween event and got 1 shot. 700 hp is a good chunk of hp. Its kinda unfair to newer players or ones poorly equipped to. You need demons special for it and belra drop as @R-78 outside event is belra arm mostly last I checked. I don't disagree about buffing them up a little and it being enjoyable. I just think they are a little to buffed to be left this way year around. Many seem to agree on buffing up a bit but not the halloween event buffs. Also doesn't this mean they will be buffed even more then now for next halloween? Assuming they remain as is year round now. As hucaseal or ramarl etc its half someones hp more or less per hit. Now back with noob/hps this would be fine for buffs. Its a bit to much all year round. Buffing them is fine but half or whole hp is silly.
  8. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. However as @mudkipzjm stated 200s practically get 1 shot vs them as they are buffed now. This is to much. Challenge sure nearly 1 shot at 200 always no.
  9. Yeah I don't mind them being a bit more difficult myself. Exactly @mudkipzjm that is a bit excessive for a level 200 if its year around now. On a side note I keep running out of likes. I seriously click like to muchxD I will like this when mine refresh for @both of you sorry.
  10. B> 85 hit yas9 150 DTs/per, D-photon core(s) lots and lots of them/S>38x halo rappy souls 7 pds/per 2x chromatic orbs 9 DTs/per UR 45/0/0/0/35 14 DTs.


    Banana Cannon [30/35/0/0|0+Blank banana cannon+kroes sweater for 2 adepts+1 cure/para unit PM me

  11. Nobody made a topic on this as of yet. Just wondering why the belras are still 'cursed belra' buffed? Isn't this supposed to be a halloween special. To make them more difficult when they drop Ultima reaper? Not year around anyhow I mean. Will this be switched back here or is it going to be permanent now instead?
  12. S> a couple of things

    Any updates on this @mudkipzjm?
  13. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Well they don't want to many dark weapons on the server as a whole. I'd find a bit lower drop rate then the 1/341 nice for this year. However ALL of this has been rehashed 100x over past years. Right before event, during, and after always same from people. I would love to see pgf be year round drop at higher rate, then buff olga up some for fun then. Again doing it during christmas doesn't seem like the best of timings for buffing olga or even experimenting. Many people work, and have lives outside game. I like the buff idea for year round or some experimenting in less then the #1 event for olga all year. Not to mention rates so high as wilson already stated the time to solo without DM/RA is rather abysmal. Nice idea from the one who posted this originally same for much. All of this has been discussed many times before though. Goes nowhere ever really. Just let olga RIP in peace he gets bullied enough as it is.
  14. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Way to long I did it before back when I was new on humar around an hour RT run with just PR Asteron striker double cannon zanba etc