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  1. T>PGF for 85 hit yas+other items PM me offer if you have 85 hit yas only thank you.

  2. T>PGF for 3x 85 hit yasminkovs etc etc PM me.

  3. I concur with this they already made luck materials more easily dropped randomly. So why not do the same for TP materials?
  4. S>Halo rappy souls x25 8 pds/per pm me thanks.

  5. S>Halo rappy souls x25 8 pds/per pm me thanks.

  6. Suppressed guns(with special of course), Guld Milla, and Yunchang.(Blizzard needle is another one of my favorites)
  7. B>Nothing paying in DTs thanks.

    1. JanenbaDMS


      I only have everything sorry D:

    2. JADE


      If you play blue dragon, you can find all the nothings you want for free. :D

  8. B>Ranger wall/Hunter wall/Hunter shell paying in dts for all 3 PM me.

  9. B>Ranger wall/Hunter wall for DTs.


    I'd say they did it this way on purpose during mid week. I see no fault in it but I do feel everyone should be given a fair chance to each once partake in event. Are you playing again by the way @yanvbraz? I do feel as well while everyone deserves fair chance...extending event while giving some chances who would not...also translates into more rejoining over and over and economy will surely take a big hit All being said nothing wrong with it if you can make it in time. Still weekend would be better time for it. For me I'm just glad they finally did this again. Thanks @serverus for taking the time for event. (also if its just one GM doing it asking him to be around 4 days in a row when he planned 2 only is rather unfair on him I suppose) If other GMs assist surely so. Perhaps its mid week as its when was most viable for the GM as well. Again thanks for event hopefully everyone gets a chance to make it on. Those who don't could always ask a friend to do it for them as well.
  11. S>halo rappy souls 5 pds/per x34, and a Crush Bullet [0/0/15/0|35] 10 pds. PM me thanks.


  12. S>Halo rappy souls 5 pds/per x34 

  13. S>halo rappy souls 5 pds/per x34


  14. S>Halo rappy souls 6 pds/per x34 PM me