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  1. Right, im having a hard time with the launcher rn though. I used to just be able to click the shortcut on my desktop and it'd update everything and be dandy. But today the desktop shortcut doesnt work and when i tried to re-install when it stars to patch i get an error withing Ultima PSOBB Launcher saying "Error: Operation did not complete because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software.". Then it changes the Launcher.exe to Launcher.exe.old.
  2. Hey gang been a while since i've posted anything. Came back to the game from a long break, had a hard time launching the game. FInally got it to work but eeeeeeverything is wrong, from all my items names being messed up to just general numbers.
  3. Love this mini-event idea Here's my submission
  4. There's always room for Jell-O 

  5. This is great, hope to drop a rest on some fools.
  6. Kinda always thought of "The Ark" music from lightning returns to be something i would here in PSO lobby
  7. Grill


    Never interacted with you much, but there will likely never be someone that I think of more when I see the color yellow. I mean maybe spongebob, but thats just a maybe probably still you.
  8. Redria Ult Gal Gryphon Tablet CONFIRMED
  9. @TripleR Knock'em outta therrrrrr!
  10. If you need any back up later, ill be available in about 2hrs and I could be on as long as you need me. I would have : Redria HuNewearl Skyly HuNewearl Greenill RaMarl Whitill Ramar
  11. I was really hoping to hear the follow up to your earlier post
  12. Alright I think I'm gonna cause something if I say more. Back to my hole that is "dw" Nice to meet you all
  13. Uhh, Bich i might be (I dont know how people feel about swear words here, so i spelled it weird and fun for everyone '_>' )
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