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    I'll show you how to tote that tool
    Make that double
    Better be cool, you don't want no trouble
    Keep it leanin' to the left
    My gat stay cocked

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  1. what that c battle do?


    1. drdingus


      Makes that anus clap

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      ohhhh healllll gurl

  2. Happy Hours Alert!

    yay free taco time hours are here
  3. black paper deal............how do i do it? its been a year since i did it.
  4. Geung-si?

    1. Terrybriggs711


      I have one thats 5/0/45/150 for sale 15pd

  5. Dude, ya gotta start playin agn soon.


    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Catch me outside


      How bout dat?

  6. You on homeboy?I can make that ass clap.....

  7. Hey lady I'd like to have the Hykian shield I be got the DT''s I'll send em to ya but won't be in till tomorrow night. If this is cool hit me up!

  8. I can make that ass clap.....

    1. drdingus


      i cant believe you came back on the same day i did wtf

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      i won't say that we back or nothin, cause that implies that we back from something.

      Edited by Too Fast Tim
      Shit mo gangsta
  9. If lemmy and god got in a fight who would win?
  10. I got girls askin me about the code for the wi-if. So they can talk about they timeline, and show me pictures of they friends. Just to tell me they ain't really friends.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Lao the dude is dick ridding drake? Or is Drake dick ridding this dude?

    3. Misombre


      Girls are only partial half-time friends, with no guarantee and an expiration date so close that you always seem to miss it =)

    4. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      So if you ever see me roolin in, my drop top caddy throw a peace sign and say hey pimp daddy. Cause I never would front on folks, slow down and let the gold diggers count my spokes. 

  11. How bout like say two beam tacos and a jibber on that blood sword?

    1. drdingus


      sorry only accept chickens and jars of marmalade

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Alright you drive a hard bargain. What's been up brother?


    may the taco be with u

    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Thanks a bunch bro!

  13. Discord is a great chat server and app. They are always making improvements...There is even a better discord download for full customization.Some very great server tools and text to type and type to talk
  14. Mini Event - The 5 items (ENDED)

    BEER<---------------There's monsters .308 <-----------------There's Monsters Swim trunks<--------------------No monsters in the water Ham and cheese sammich<-Gonna get hungry Cocaine<--------------------------Gonna get sleepy......And there's monsters.......And it smells great!