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  1. its been doing fine for a while up til now once again now its doing it BACK TO FREAKING BACK (not really yelling at you if that is how its seeming but its highly annoying) OVER 10 DING DANG TIMES ITS BEEN DOING THIS IT and by the time i finally picked a character to get in the lobby with IT CRASHED RIGHT THERE AND I BARELY FREAKING LOGGED IN THE GAME ITS BECOMING BS and also i use discord i only use skype when on my phone
  2. This has been driving me insane is there a way for the launcher to get a complete fix or something or maybe the game? Because it is ridiculous how it takes me over 20 times to log in with it saying "Server is full" junk which i know majority of the time its not ever full then when i finally log in on character selection then I didnt even load to lobby selection and the game already would crash 2-3 times in a row it makes me want to just dang lose it from it being this idiotically stressful
  3. Is there a way in particular I can fix my settings for the game because when I last played (was literally months ago) I was experiencing lag when it came to using ice magic attacks on my previous laptop it did not do that at all but this current one its been doing that lately is how am I able to adjust it so it will not happen again?
  4. alright thanks sorry forgot to respond after a while laptop previous 1 that was mentioned few weeks ago that 1 is now shot and gone so it will not really start up at all for nothing it will but at same time it will not so its long gone but now i have a different one that i am now currently using so it should do a whole lot better job (hopefully) at recording gameplays but thank you for the link
  5. That is a bit weird plus i do not think it is the game entirely i do not game with a xbox one controller but a wired 360 and it works like a chipper no issues at all (except me messing up the A button and it gets jammed) have u also tried looking up any videos that might help you with setting up the controller? If you possibly might have a 360 one that might work with it a little better than of xbox one maybe i know i cannot say too too much about xbox 1 controllers since ive never used one for online games just only 360 something is definite wrong if the controller does not indicate and of th
  6. I do not think I have any brushes like that...I have previously tried to open my old one in the past when i spilled something on it but was not able to get it opened at all opening the laptop is a option i have to cross out o.o
  7. And to a lot of you thank you for a lot of these pointers I meant to place a mention that i meant to place in yesterday (was going to yesterday but the weather was causing slow loading, running, etc so it wouldnt let me at all) I completely forgot day before luckily even I'm not sure what it is but strangely it runs and works all day long with PSOBB but with 2 other games in comparison it will--poof outta nowhere and shuts off but certain ones ill do a test run to see how long it will progress mmmm....I'd like to stay alive thank you *is worried since I'm a careless lil nut* Sad
  8. can you send a link please i will be sure to look further into it
  9. Is there a specific way to record game plays or anything because I want to find a way to do so (complete newbie 1st timer). I am not familiar with how to or what to use to record my game plays can someone help me with this please? At the same time I am kinda limited some since this laptop is uber junky since it will shut off on me (overheat issues will some day get new one but just not yet currently) but I still would like some help on what and how though.
  10. I am too since i dont wanna give up on playing this game that ive been playing ever since i was a little little
  11. that all it pretty much was i think i just had to uninstall some things here and there
  12. thats probably wat i might need to do since im uninstalling a few programs RN and ill let you know any further progress
  13. i dont have skype downloaded i do i have discord but i have been able to discord while playing
  14. it seems like it is doing just fine since my sister is able to log on but yet im not able to
  15. I am having trouble when logging into the game I was only able to log in one time fully without any problems but now it is getting to where i cant even fully log in the lobby by the time its loading where i can pick the ship and block it stops before that and says how the game isnt working and i have to close it out every time or it got to where it kept saying server is full over 2-3 times in a row which is really frustrating times when i was able to log in and was about to load into a room it wouldn't let me since it either completely stopped or froze then i would have to end task for the ga
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