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  1. accidental mag dupe

    I see. Confirmed. I only checked the RAmarl since she was the one who picked up the item. Well that's a relief. Thanks for the help.
  2. accidental mag dupe

    Guildcard: 42190232 character slot 1 And yes please. And if there's a way to restore the old mag, that'd be nice too.
  3. accidental mag dupe

    Not quite sure how it happened, but while trading a mag back over to use a cell on to non-android, it somehow duplicated my other mag. Perhaps because I tried to trade it lazily...dropping it on the ground. Screenshots showed what the mag was beforehand, and pbs were farlla and mylla & youlla (I forgot to switch over at 50 for estlla, but whatever) think the color was yellow? Guildcard: 42149848 character slot 3 is the RAmarl
  4. 9th Anniversary Event Drops UNOFFICIAL

    Sonic Magazine - Greenil - Normal - Sinow Beat
  5. mag stats and lvl bugged out

    no, i am not online. still not online. let me know if i need to be.
  6. Guildcard: 42149848 Character slot: 1 After posting, I now realized I posted this in sort of the wrong channel (Spanish) my mistake... I'm feeling under the weather lol. The mag de-lvled and the stats went wonky after logging off and coming back another time. I've had mags get messed up like this before. This is the last known lvl and stats. (I screenshot every 5 lvls) The color is forest green.
  7. mag stats bug

    Guildcard: 42149848 Character slot: 1 Simply put: my game crashed and when I came back, the mag I've been feeding had it's stats messed up. I've been pretty cautious since the last time that this happened, but still it reoccurred. This is the last screenshot i took before it bugged. Forgot to mention it was a white mag.
  8. mag level and stats changed

    No, unfortunately.
  9. mag level and stats changed

    Guildcard: 42149848 slot: 4 Around 12:55 AM PDT, there was a mass dc or something (heard everyone in lobby), and after I re-logged to continue feeding my mag, the stats on it changed and it lost a few levels. It became lvl 77 with 8/36/33/0. I'm not entirely keen on what level it was, but it was either 81 or 82, with 5/31/45/0 or 5/32/45/0. An Ila. PBs remained the same. Anyway, I appreciate the time for any assistance.