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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! THAT WORKED so apparently when my pc restarted it reinstalled those updates and somehow they changed the DEP setting? and thanks to everyone who took their time to help me 🥰 (why can't microsoft leave stuff be?)
  2. nothing was added or changed i'm using the same settings since it was installed in 2015 and there's no error code given the game just cuts off like a light switch i'm in the room and then i'm back to my desktop i restart the game and i can play just fine until a gun is fired
  3. starting yesterday afternoon the moment i fire a gun the game crashes (doesn't matter what type handgun or lindcray) im ok as long as i'm using a sword so far i ve tried this.... used different toons different difficulties played solo and with others i even uninstalled the game with IObit Pro and redownloaded the game i just found out that if anyone uses a gun the game crashes
  4. starting yesterday afternoon the moment i fire a gun i dc (doesn't matter what type handgun or lindcray) im ok as long as i'm using a sword any ideas what's wrong I moved this to tech section
  5. the reset appears to have fixed this horrific high pitch shriek (almost has awful as Taylor Swift w/o autotune) whenever my zoomplayer switched trax (then he will bitch about not finding any apps for linux😉)
  6. i did a system restore before the latest windows update and having no problems now i just wonder if that was the problem ?????
  7. (i'm blaming it on all those f@kkin Flowen Shield drops maybe talk the techs into switching to something else... like a C Battle 😊)
  8. what i cant figure out is why it continues even after i shut down the game weird ....... we're using different kb's and our symptons vary but neither of us can talk let Vash figure this one out
  9. UPDATE found a Heart of Pian and........... 17 more @$#^%*&!)*% Flowen Shields (please Lord....dial back a lil on those)
  10. that's just weird i still have full control of my toon i just cant chat oooh when i exit the game the problem still continues i can't even write a text document but once i restart windows it's all good
  11. my problem starts the moment my toon loads in the room.....no dying or anything at all happening does exiting the game your problem? i have to actually restart windows are you using a wireless kb?
  12. the drivers are currently all updated and like i said it ONLY happens in in the room once i exit i have to restart my pc
  13. maybe once but this has happened more than 4X i ran ASC pro 13 Driver booster pro 7 i dont think needing a defrag would cause this?????
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