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  1. I keep getting disconnected at a significantly higher rate than normal. The faq says a potential cause is a bugged item. How do I know which item is bugged? Pls Help 🥲
  2. I'd like to buy pls
  3. How much for the 2 smartlinks?
  4. What level are you? Are you on a max stats plan? I'd focus on maxing my stats through leveling up, materials, and mag raising which are all relatively cheap/free to do. Once you've done that things will accelerate because you can join tougher hunts which you'll get better rewards which you can sell
  5. I got one but i need to check the price on it.
  6. Shambertin greenil ult ep4 stellar shard
  7. Greenil Ep4 Ult Kondrieu Girasole
  8. I'll buy the crush bullet he's not buying
  9. Hello all, I am look for a couple of Bringer's rifles with hit. Respond in the comments or DM me with offers. Thank you, Dollypatton
  10. Is the store up to date @TheIronSheik?
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