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  1. It's been way too long, man. How've you been, Dart? :D

  2. I forgot to share the video here, but if you wanna see me talk about PSO specifically, check times 1:48 to 3:03

    Sylph777's footage *properly credited in my description of course* is in this as well since I'm with him in the clip hahaha



  3. @ V @ 


    Anyone I'm friends with who's still on this server down to play a with me when I come back for a bit? :) I miss Ultima and the people I played with. 

    At one point I felt like we were practically family ; u ; 

    1. mudkipzjm


      I'm down haha, pso is gonna get boring anyways since the summer event just ended.

    2. griffeni


      yes i am down for it now if only rend would quit playing WOW long enough to join

    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Ya , let me know when you hop back on bunny girl.


    I'm making a Top 5 favorite games, and of course, this game is going to be on my list.

    Anyone have gameplay recorded and posted on YouTube? If so, would you allow me to insert some clips of your best footage? (If you want me to use a video of yours, let me know your YouTube name or link me one of your favorite videos you've posted. I will properly credit you in my video and description.)

    1. mudkipzjm


      Sylph probably has lots of gameplay you could use, haha.

    2. Avarea


      I might use the clips with me in them XD 

    3. Lemon



      more on the channel.

  5. Playing on Red Star's GC version of PSO. XD His memory card was full so I just made one of his FOmarls look like Belle xD 


  6. Uppydate

    I'm finally with Red Star irl and I have this game and server to thank for that. <3 (Killroy/Dart, you especially. :D )

    ^.^ I miss my buddies here! Hopefully we can play again sometime! I'm kinda just playing the GameCube version of the game and reminiscing old times when Red Star and I were here. 

    1. griffeni


      womg belle is alive and cgaws

  7. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! 

    Love, Belle and Red Star


  8. Sabers are green 

    Excals are gold 


    Will never get old 


    Corny poem. I just got done watching a PSO speed run that a RAcast did on GC.

  9. How was the Halloween event? :3 

  10. Greetings from me and Red Star XD 

    Well kind of. At least from me.  Heehee :3 But maybe once I get a new computer we'll come back. I mish you guys. And my FOmarl Belle is untouched. Dx 


    (Shoutout to KillRoy I miss you a lot, bestie. It's been a while. <3 )

    1. mudkipzjm


      Hoi! I should probably message you on skype sometime, it's been awhile :P

    2. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      I love this post and everything about it <3

      Hi Hija and Red Estrella :3

  11. Dang it. I found my old GameCube memory cards from when I played PSO. I wanna buy the disk but it's so expensive!!! Like $100+ on Amazon XD 


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sylph777


      My bad, i think it's the french version xD but you can probably use it in english too. Also you need to be back, i miss you so much imouto :(

    3. Sylph777


      My bad, i think it's the french version xD but you can probably use it in english too. Also you need to be back, i miss you so much imouto :(

    4. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i still have one pso online ep1&2 european version disk almost new ^^ 

  12. I miss playing :) 

    My computer isn't working anymore though. How are you all? I miss you guys!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sylph777


      I do hope ^^, you've been in my heart all this time, take care sister.

    3. Cyane


      come back soon! get one of those prehistoric computers they still run pso!

    4. El Socko

      El Socko

      Maybe you'll find spare parts in Jurassic Park, looking at the planet as a whole that island isn't too far from Guam.

  13. *Tries to sleep* ...chuuu....xP

    1. ultrajerky


      How dare you... my father is NOT a garbage fart!

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