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  1. Here is a list of a few items I'm willing to trade for some gear on ephinea. I still play Ultima so i'm not getting rid of everything. Discord is most effective feel free to add me Lou#0695. Psycho Wand 40/35/0/0/0 Lindcray 0/0/40/0/30 Spirit TEN YEARS BLADES +200 0/0/0/0/60 Glide Divine V.00 x3 Samba's Fiesta 0/0/0/0/65 Whis Twin +250 (Srank/Spirit) Detat J-Cutter (Srank/Arrest) Hundred Souls 0/55/40/0/55 Ultima Reaper 0/0/30/0/30 other 2 have stats no hit (also have 2 more untek) TypeDS/Rod Wedding Dress x2 Mother Garb+ x2 THREE-SEALS x2 Anti Dark Ring Centurion/Battle Godric Ability (lol) Heart Container x5 ROBOCHAO MAG 5/95/30/70 has twin Sato Mag 200 Mind Bhima 25/25/25/125 Chromatic Orb x1 Christmas Present x42 65 DTS Looking for mostly Ra Gear and Fo Gear, So here's just a few wants PDS HELL NEEDLE Cannon Rouge (WITH HIT) lvl 30 techs dark Bridge Excaliber (with hit) LK38 (WITH HIT) v101 V502 v801 Adept Bringer's Rifle (with hit) Gael Gill Mag or Dcore Meseta Pyscho Wand Srank Scythe (hell) Heavenly Minds Heavenly Powers Red Ring (not really pressed)
  2. CFlo

    dragon ball super - but in that one voice tho

  3. I’ll take that type Sh/shot off your hands
  4. Syn


    Wouldn’t mind learning episode 2
  5. What’s the price range on “Psycho” Bridge” nowadays 

  6. Normal: Umm a Rappy killed me once Challenge: Umm a Trap kilt me once Battle: Mio challenged players to a dual on GM account with max stats and yea eventually I died sadly
  7. Syn

    Halloween Event 2019

    I mean it’s pros & cons to this, new items would be clever for events by now it’s been the same for a few (years) but also a understanding in lack of help creating
  8. CFlo

    Dragon Ball Super, but in that one voice tho.

  9. So umm, what have i missed?

  10. Syn

    Genzu Shop

    I’ll get it
  11. Syn

    Genzu Shop

    Still have a water gun
  12. Master sword? How much in pds
  13. Syn

    Syn’s Shop

    Well damn i just wanted a few pds lol 😂😂
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