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  1. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Arrest Booster Greenill Ultimate olga
  2. Dragonball Super.


    but in that one voice tho.

    1. Syn


      😭😭😂, the good ole days

  3. Anybody mine helping me level a new character I’m in vhard with it, just can’t survive falz omnislash lol. I get off work at 11pm est time. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. If not I’ll just level myself -_-

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  4. S> Anti Dark Ring

  5. Are there any new items? if so can someone inform me
  6. Yooo

    I’m about to hit him up
  7. Yooo

    May be returning later this month for a little while.
  8. happy bday!


  9. -_-

    @yeyy I’ll give you a A+, don’t know about the topic you made. But i understand pso will forever be your life so you got to shine while you can right? But live it brother the world is yours.
  10.  B> D-core pm me

  11. Mock GM Election!

    I nominate @Larva for gm. A.) Umm B.) just because C.) I’m done
  12. Team for EP 2 S-rank needle

    I’m down for it, thats if you haven’t started
  13. @Larva There is no negative reason behind this it’s just something for you to look into. But I’ve been needing gm assistance for 2 days now but haven’t got it. 9/10 @Fyrewolf5 is the only one that’s assist me. I know people have work outside game and I’m one of them. I’ve been on ultima since 2012 off and on and seen changes and improvements but still there could at least be a gm(s) for redeeming, quest assistance @Lemon was great with that, mini event, questioning, etc. purpose only. And @Cyane when she was playing was a good example for mini event role. Like I know @Soly do a lot of coding that’s his role I’m guessing, @kajex Excitement , @serverus is just serverus. But by just having 2 that really gets on often is hard to catch at times and I know trust is a big thing with people becoming gm so I know that’s in many thoughts as well. Like I said this is not for negativity but for reasoning mostly. Select future gms for specific roles or if they have specific roles limit there ablities to what they are assigned to. I know that can at least be possible from testing Nero’s server awhile ago. I don’t always want to rely on one gm for everything. You have a good team with the strength of saith and kajex but thats 2 out of the 100+ that’s plays. Your thoughts and reasons are worth hearing