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  1. CFlo

    dragon ball super - but in that one voice tho

  2. Syn


    Wouldn’t mind learning episode 2
  3. What’s the price range on “Psycho” Bridge” nowadays 

  4. Normal: Umm a Rappy killed me once Challenge: Umm a Trap kilt me once Battle: Mio challenged players to a dual on GM account with max stats and yea eventually I died sadly
  5. Syn

    Halloween Event 2019

    I mean it’s pros & cons to this, new items would be clever for events by now it’s been the same for a few (years) but also a understanding in lack of help creating
  6. CFlo

    Dragon Ball Super, but in that one voice tho.

  7. So umm, what have i missed?

  8.  B > Nakas


  9. Arrest Booster Greenill Ultimate olga
  10. CFlo

    Dragonball Super.


    but in that one voice tho.

    1. Syn


      😭😭😂, the good ole days

  11. Anybody mine helping me level a new character I’m in vhard with it, just can’t survive falz omnislash lol. I get off work at 11pm est time. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. If not I’ll just level myself -_-

  12. S> Anti Dark Ring

  13. Are there any new items? if so can someone inform me
  14. I’m about to hit him up
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