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  1. this topic is now closed. i was going to do this yesterday but i forgot lol. i will see who won what later tonight when i get off work
  2. the maximum number is 1000. pick a number between 1-1000
  3. hi, i dont play anymore. so, i am giving my stuff away but to receive the items, you must play a little game. it will basically be "the price is right" rules. i will have the items assigned a number and the person who chooses the number closest to the item without going over will receive that item. example, a mag will be assigned a number of 15. i will state that the number range will be from 1-20. if someone picks number 12 and no one else picks the number 13, 14, or 15. the person that chose 12 will receive the item. how ever, if you chose 16, you would not receive the item but be eligible to receive any item that may have a number higher than 15 if someone else does not come close to the number. items i am giving away are: psycho wand - 737 angel harp - 45/35/0/0/50 - 850 rainbow baton - 0/0/0/5/50 - 181 adept - 982 mother garb+ - 645 red merge - 281 V801 - 308 elenor 10/0/2/188 - 361 chromatic orb - 529 16 photon drops - 435 you must choose a number between 1-1000. one guess per person. good luck. winners will be announced in 7 days to give people a chance to see this post
  4. it is just a quick thing i made. the heart rate is displayed next to the "Lv" your current step count is the "Total Exp" your step count goal is "To Next Lv" and then your "Money / Meseta" is your calorie burn count for the day. the percent at the top is the watch battery and i forgot to add the time, which would be located in the empty space next to the class and section ID. i will fix that soon. any thoughts or suggestions and ideas on what can be improved, please let me know. i wanted to add the clock where the internet time is, but the area is simply too small and would not work. i would like ideas for what to do with the empty area on the bottom for the other one
  5. a harder difficulty if possible. at high levels, especially with a full party, the game is too easy. EXP could get a bonus to and the drop rate can stay the same or change if how ever you see fit
  6. ill take your red sword
  7. Alex Mason

    B> STUFF

    i have chromatic orb for sale
  8. Alex Mason


    i am selling chromatic orb. make offer
  9. if possible, add a grand ultimate mode or something. everything is insanely hard and not even possible unless you have a full party. if you cant add on a new difficulty, you could make a new ship dedicated to this. as for the drop rate, it could stay the same. just would be nice for high levels to have some challenge
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